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Fiesta ST MK8 V2 Intake Air Scoop

£130 (£108.33 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

Fiesta ST MK8 V2 Intake Air Scoop

£130 (£108.33 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Product Description

Fiesta ST MK8 V2 Intake Air Scoop

*This product will fit any EU Fiesta ST MK8 (Inducing Left hand Drive models as the intake is the same, There is no variance)*

Your EcoBoost needs air, lots of it, especially at high RPM where it tends to die off. Use your forward motion to cram it in!

The Dreamscience V2 Intake Air Scoop kit is designed to scoop up, pressurize and feed fresh air into your stock air box. Improving performance, throttle response and intake air temperatures. After carrying out further testing on this kit, we have made a few changes to help increase air flow and increase the strength durability of the product.

Driver side Air Scoop – The Dreamscience Air scoop takes full advantage of the OEM intake dual air duct system that is already fitted at the front of the car. The base of the scoop simply slots into the standard air duct chamber and hangs down, just behind the driver side of the grill in full view of the front of the car. This is one of the best locations to receive optimum levels of cold airflow. This is complemented by the front facing, large surface area of the scoop as it swallows much more air and feeds the air much quicker through the air box. The Driverside scoop is the most popular as it able to flow more air through than the passenger side scoop as the overall diameter of the scoop is larger.

*Please note this product is built to order and can take around 5 working days to manufacture if the colour scoop you have chosen isn’t in stock at the time of purchase.*

Passenger side Air Scoop – The Passenger side air scoop follows the exact same principle as the driver side with its design and aesthetics. As there are two holes in the standard air duct system, we have created two different air intake scoops. One to fit each opening. As shown in the product image, the Passenger side air duct hole is slightly smaller and the scoop has been designed to compensate the size difference. Although, performance is at its peak with both scoops fitted, one scoop is still significantly better than the standard system with no aftermarket scoops. If you wish to purchase 1 scoop, we recommend purchasing the Driver side first and then if you wish to complement the scoop at a later date, add the passenger side. The kits have both been engineered with maximum flow in mind, we analyzed the flow path of this ram intake for performance above all. Secondly, we needed to make sure the style of the scoop matched the performance! Therefore we have released a large range of colour options to match your preference and the style of your car.

NEW COLOUR ALERT: Designed to work with the Performance edition models


Dreamscience carried out multiple airflow efficiency tests on the standard air intake system. We then carried out the same tests with the DS Air scoops fitted and compared the results. This test shows how well this modification works. The results speak for themselves!

To see the Air scoops in action please check out the video below!

Fitting: We rate this item as 4.5 out of 5 for fitting difficulty, with 1 being the easiest and 5 most difficult. To fit this product the bumper must be fully removed and a modification has to be made for the scoop to fit. Full detailed fitting instructions are included with this product.

We also offer a full fitting service at our Dreamscience HQ in Hull, UK, priced at £100.00. This must be selected with your order, and we will then contact you to arrange a suitable time. Please note if you require this service then you must choose collection as your delivery method when going through the checkout or you’ll still be charged for delivery!

Shipping Information: For any DIY fitting advice please call our tech helpline to speak to our Qualified technicians on +44 1482 224433. Or email us on

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Take advantage of your cars motion with a true front facing ram inlet!