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Dreamscience Stratagem iMap-E6

£475 (£395.83 ex vat) In Stock

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Dreamscience Stratagem iMAP-E6 Custom Tuning Device.

This handset is compatible for the following vehicles;

  • Ford Mustang GT Face-Lift 
  • Ford Fiesta ST MK8 – 200
  • Ford Focus ST MK4 (Manual only)

The Dreamscience Stratagem iMap-E6™ is the latest and most innovative flash tuning handset brought to you by the tuning wizards at Dreamscience Motorsport. We have made this all possible by collaborating with one of the world’s largest and most successful Ford Tuning companies SCT who are based in the USA.

This exciting partnership has ensured that we have the very latest device hardware technology, plus an un rivalled resource of combined tuning knowledge and experience, it is no coincidence our tunes files are popular market leaders, and are considered to be the best available, as reported by numerous independent specialist magazine tests.  Now that most modern performance Fords are released on a global scale we are able to bring new hardware and tuning files for all the new performance Fords even faster than before.

The concept of the Stratagem iMap™ is to offer a simple plug and play, easy to use, attractive, yet multi-functional device that has the ability to offer customers a  wide range of Dreamscience’s own proven tune files, as well as having the ability to receive custom tune files from Dreamscience dealers worldwide.

All of the Dreamscience tune files on the Stratagem iMap™ have been carefully created at our research centre using our state of the art rolling road, as well as numerous actual road tests on several of each supported vehicle types to ensure we deliver the maximum performance from your vehicle, while maintaining the highest standard of safety and reliability. With the iMap you have the ability to flash between the tune files on the device for your chosen car an unlimited number of times, plus you can flash between stock and a tune file an unlimited number of times. When you ‘Return to stock’ with the iMap on the MK8 ST, at the time of writing, it does not reset the ignition counter which is ideal if you don’t want your dealer to know you have mapped your car.

The iMap has the ability to receive custom tune files (if purchased) that can be e-mailed to you, an example of this is when the Dreamscience Fiesta MK8 ST overrun map,  it can be sent via email and added to your device via pc and the cable provided. This handset also provides you with the ability to data log and analyse your ST’s performance on the move.


The handset can only work on one vehicle at a time. One handset can work on 5 different E6 Spec vehicles only. (Fiesta ST MK8, Mustang Face- lift, Focus ST MK4) As long as you “return to stock” before choosing to use the handset on another vehicle. You cannot keep  a tune file on your car and sell the device on as it will not work. Each time the handset is used to program a vehicle with a different VIN number to the last, a life will be lost. Once the handset is married to a VIN you can flash between tune files and return to stock an unlimited number of times. Once the handset detects a new VIN, It will then use one life. There are 5 lives in total.  Therefore, you can sell the device on and the new keeper can have access to the iMaps ability to read and clear codes, plus all data logging functions. Tune files will only work on the new owners car if the vehicle is the same model and shares the same ECU strategy number. If the new keepers ECU strategy number doesn’t match the tune file will not work. The new keeper will have proceed through this LINK so we can rebuild the custom tune files to suit the new ECU Calibration. The total cost of this service is £50.00.

We do advise before sending your vehicle into a garage for service or warranty work you return to stock as there may be updates applied to your car which may delay loading a tune file once returned. Invariably the Ford manufacturers do release calibration updates, when this happens we rapidly test these, then we add an update to our website to ensure your vehicle has continued support as soon as possible. The iMap only requires to be connected to the cars OBDII when uploading a map, Data logging or when Reading/Clearing codes. Other than this, the iMap should remain unplugged from the car.

The iMap has built in code reading and clearing technology: fault code delete function



MAPPING PROCESS – Plug iMap into the car, Go t0 ‘Vehicle info’. Look at the ECU Strategy number and take a note of it. Send the ECU Strategy number and your handset serial number via email to We will build your tunes around your ECU strategy and serial number and email back to you. You can then load then onto your handset via our updater on the Dreamscience website. The process is very straight forward.  All instructions are included with the iMap handset. If you require any assistance, during work hours email or call the office on 01482 224433. For any out of hours support, please message the Dreamscience Tuning Facebook page.


  • Colour Screen
  • Multiple vehicle tuner (see list for current supported vehicles)
  • On device live data logging
  • Fault code reader, fault code delete function
  • Remote update ability
  • Ability to hold generic and custom tunes
  • PC connect ability
  • Can be transferred to 5, MK8 Fiesta/ Mustang V8 Face-Lift vehicles as long as return to stock is performed on your vehicle
  • Windscreen mount available *not included


5.00 out of 5
Read what our customers say

Supported Vehicles

Fiesta ST MK8

The Calibration team at Dreamscience have spent months developing the latest Tune File to be released by DSHQ. This particular file has been written on our 4wd chassis Dynamometer and the open road. this ensure superior driveability and optimum power delivery.

DS Ultima. (Low Torque) (Entry Stage 1)

A great entry level Tune file for standard cars. This file will produce around 218bhp 240ftlb with the use of correct fuel grade and at cool ambient temperatures. This file will work with cars that have a lane filter fitted. Always use 99RON Fuel. Great for track with steady power and torque delivery – We advise to use V-power99

DS Ultima+ (Higher Torque) (Stage 1)

The next level up from the Ultima tune. This is designed to work with our Panel filters and makes up one half of our stage 1 kit. This Tune file should make up to 225bhp  and 285ftlb of torque when set up correctly. Results are best with bolt on modifications such as Air scoops, intake to achieve optimum power. Although the peak HP increase is impressive, it is the whopping 50bhp increase in the mid range that sets this map apart from the other remaps on the market. This is where you will feel the biggest difference in performance and the results will portray this on the road/track where it matters! Not just a dyno graph. This will turbo your fiesta into an extremely quick car on the road. View Dyno Graph

DS Ultima 2. (Stage 1+)

Our latest stage 1 remap for the MK8 ST. MAP ONLY, this car will comfortably make between 225bhp and 232bhp with no modifications. With Around  40bhp increase in the mid range. There is a mid range increase of over 17ftlbs torque and 10bhp compared to the previous DS Ultima+ ‘MAP ONLY’. Although we quote around 32bhp increase over standard, much more can be achieved with an aftermarket intake. We have customers running this tune with bolt on mods have achieved 252bhp on independent dyno’s. 252bhp graph.

Where our map sets apart from the rest is the huge mid to high rev range power delivery (Up to 50bhp!) Where real road driving driving happens. This where you will get that ever so additive shove in your seat feeling with a map that will just keep pulling and pulling. Ideal for track days or competitive fast road driving. DS Ultima 2 is a map with extreme character and was designed with more that just dyno figures in mind.

We have created a map that doesn’t lose its OEM heritage and benefits. When driven in standard mode, Eco features such as cylinder deactivation and stop start are still active as they are on the stock map. When the sport button is activated, this is where the magic happens. Not just performance, But sharper burble between gear changes, improved crackles in natural and instant throttle response. You wont even need to ‘floor it’ to know the car has come alive. When you do, you know your getting that legendary Dreamscience performance that will keep pinning you back!

All updates are available via email. With multiple tune files to choose from the iMap-E6, You’ll be glad to know you can choose between your tune files an unlimited amount of times when loaded on your same VIN number.

Dreamscience work very closely with SCT (One of the biggest tuning companies in the U.S) to develop this tune. This partnership has ensured that we have the very latest device hardware technology, plus an un rivalled resource of combined tuning knowledge and experience. This DS Ultima 2 tune file has been filtered and analyzed by a team of over 10 tuning experts for not only optimum performance but for reliability. There are multiple safety parameters built into this map to ensure there is no unnecessary stress on the engine or other components on the vehicle. Through this process we have been able to build an exceptional reputation, making the iMap arguably the most recognizable plug n play handset for ST & RS models. Plus, with over 15,000 stratagem tuning handsets sold, you know Deamscience is a brand you can confidently trust to tune your ST.

With the ST MK8 being a new vehicle, warranty is one of the main talking points when it comes to tuning. Of course now, there is not a single company that can offer a remap that is covered under Ford warranty for the MK8 ST. There a few tuners that have software that can return to the car to stock settings through various ways. (Which sounds great in theory).

However, at the time of writing, the iMap-E6, is one of the only, if not THE only platforms that allow you to return to stock settings without resetting the ignition counter. What does this mean? Other competitors on the market can put the car to stock, but this resets ignition counters and clears history of when the car has been mapped. So the cars information will show that the car, for example has done over 5000 miles but without turning the ignition on once. Which can look pretty suspicious. However, the iMap-E6 does not reset the ignition counter when the user selects return to stock. Which is why it has proven so popular on new vehicles for over 6 years. To date, we have had no issues when following this process. The stock file is built into the iMap-E6 so even if you are currently running another map, the iMap will over write and still give you the option to return to stock settings.

DS Ultima 2 Dyno Graph  Fitted with DS Twin Air Scoops & DS Panel Filter. A customer running the DS Ultima 2 map on an independent dyno making 252bhp with intake and gpf delete. Dyno Graph

Our V3 Overrun add on map can be purchased HERE 

Our DS Ultima 2+/ Stage 2 add on map can be purchased HERE 


Mustang GT Face-Lift

Race 99
The optimum tune for your V8 Mustang, created in collaboration with the top calibrators from SCT USA the word  leaders in Mustang tuning. This tune is ideally suited for the standard car set up, on our Dyno our std test car running Shell V-Power made 443Bhp & 387FtLb of torque. After flashing the car with the Race 99 tune we made an impressive 475bhp and 421 Ftlbs. . We have ironed out several flat spots,improved throttle response and make gear changes much sharper when punching the throttle.

Race 99 Induction
This tune file is based on the Mighty Race 99 map and  has been carefully calibrated to work with the JLT cold air induction kit. When performing our tests on a std car running Shell V-Power and the JLT intake only, we made an addittional 11Bhp and 14FtLb of torque with the cold air filter and revised map.


Focus ST MK4 (Manual Only)

Dreamscience have become world famous and synonymous with Focus ST tuning worldwide from the days of the Focus ST225 where we attracted the majority market share with our legendary tune files and bolt on modifications. The team at dreamscience have applied this pedigree to the new MK4 Focus ST and have not disappointed with multiple tunes offering our renowned level of reliability, performance and safety keeping our ST tuning synergy alive. ALL 3 TUNES ARE INCLUDED IN THE IMAP-E6 PRICE. THEY DON’T REQUIRE PURCHASING SEPARATELY.


This is our standard 95 octane fuel map which boasts a controlled flat torque curve and offers still a healthy increase of power and torque above standard.
You should expect to achieve 300Bhp and 340FtLb with this map compared to the stock map we ran on the same day on our dyno which made very close if not slightly under the quoted figures from the manufacturer of 278Bhp and 295FtLb of torque. This stock run was done on 95 Octane Shell flexi fuel so naturally the stock runs were all a little less than they would have been on 99 octane fuel.

The performance+ map makes more power and torque than the stock tune all the way from 1500rpm right to the rev limiter although peak power is achieved at 5500 rpm and holds well making it ideal to shift gear at 6000 rpm thus staying in the 300Bhp range. This map is ideal for everyday use, commuting, standard octane fuel, and general everyday use without putting extra strain on the engine and drive train. (This map offers an increase of 20 to 25Bhp and 40 to 45FtLb) Performance+ Dyno Graph



This is our entry level high octane map which runs 97 to 99 octane fuel, and produces a healthy 315Bhp and 345 to 350FtLb of torque while still achieving a controlled and flat torque curve with no crazy spike making this map very progressive and driveable in almost every condition. This map is the customers favourite as it produces excellent power gains without bolting on any additional modifications and all our tests were performed on a completely stock car running Shell V-Power 99 octane fuel. This DS Ultima map will also deliver better economy in the cruise if you can resist the throttle peddle going wide open throttle as we have calibrated the tune to optimise the higher octane fuels available in Europe and although this can be used with 97 octanes we would recommend 99 octanes for best results. As seen on the graph peak power is achieved a little later in the rev range at 5850+ rpm and it holds the 315Bhp peak to just before the limiter so an excellent map for high rpm and spirited driving. (This map offers an increase of 35 to 40Bhp and 50 to 55FtLb) DS Ultima dyno graph



This is our trademark map which is designed to run on 99 octane fuel only and produces an impressive 330+Bhp and 375+FtLb of torque on a completely standard car running shell V-Power 99 octane fuel. Although a very strong map we have still managed to control the torque curve for better acceleration with no crazy spike, this characteristic prevents pre ignition and excess strain to the engine. We have made this map ever progressive as can be seen from the graph with an extra lump of power / boost coming in above 5000 rpm making this map feel absolutely insane to drive through the entire rev range. Peak power is achieved just above 5550 rpm and holds well making this map very punchy without having to over rev to extract the maximum power. This map will really catch people by surprise as on the road we estimate the peak power from our airflow readings will be well over the 330Bhp which we achieved on the dyno as the intercooler on this model is very small, dyno fans at 35 mph can’t offer the same level of cooling as driving on the road can at say 70+ mph.

Although all testing was performed safely on a standard car we would strongly recommend the first bolt on modification to be an upgraded intercooler on this model (Especially for track days or prolonged full speed driving on the Autobahn). Charge temperatures at higher rpm and boost levels through the standard inefficient intercooler can get pretty high after a few full throttle pulls which reduces reliable power reproduction and reduces efficiency which will be further exacerbated in summer months.  Available soon from Dreamscience.  (This map offers an increase of 50 to 55Bhp and 80 to 85FtLb) DS Ultima+ dyno graph (MAP ONLY)

Check out the DS Ultima+ being reviewed on the link below!

MK4 ST – DS Ultima+ Independent Review

Evo magazine 4.5/5 independent review 




5.00 out of 5
  1. Aarron

    Wow. This makes such a difference. I could tell even from the get go, it has so much more low down torque, throttle response feels much more precise. Overtaking is so much easier and don’t need to drop down a gear everytime. Everyone who has been a passenger has commented how well it pushes you into the seat and they can’t believe it’s just a remap.
    Awesome work team DS

  2. Joe

    Great piece of kit! The DS Ultima+ totally transformed my ST. This is how the car should have left the factory 😀

  3. Gary (verified owner)

    Mapped the car this morning. Really easy process, quick clean and simple. Went with DSUltima map for now. Really pleased with it.

    Leave the car in normal and drive it like a pensioner and you would know anything had really changed.

    However once you get “on it” she really wakes up. In Sport the pull in 4th is just epic, smooth and controlled, but it has so much pull. Accelerate from 35ish from 3rd into 4th and push on and you are deep into licence losing territory before you know it. I’m going to run this map for a bit and then tryout the other one 330bhp. I’m losing easy access to 99ron soon so DSUltima will mostly be where I keep it.

    Excellent work guys.

  4. Laslau

    I bought the iMap-E6 for my new Ford focus st 2019 and I have Flashed the DS-Ultima map. First impressions are 100% positive and I racomand the purchase for all the people who have bought this incredibly fast car, you won’t regret it the car just keeps going. Cheers from Germany.

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