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Dreamscience One Shot Maps and Custom Tuning

£300 (£250.00 ex vat) In Stock

Rolling Road Session *

Several runs with a dyno print out.

Custom Tuning *

See product description. This price includes a dyno session with print out.

Optional PCM Update

Vehicle Model *

More Info

Dreamscience One Shot Maps and Custom Tuning

What is a One Shot Tune from Dreamscience? This is a software only option that requires your Ford to attend the DSHQ to be set up and tuned. This service includes connecting our tuning equipment to your car and uploading a remap straight to your ECU.

What are the benefits of a one shot tune at DSHQ?

  • Access to the latest and leading remaps on the market
  • Large range of Dreamscience maps to choose from
  • Up to 50bhp increase (depending on selected map)
  • Cost less than a new Tuning handset
  • You can upgrade to a rolling road session on our new 4WD dyno straight after your map
  • All Fords IDS equipment on sight if the ECU requires any software updates.
  • As we write and develop our own maps, we are able to market our remaps at a competitive price for our customers!
  • Custom Tuning is available (if required)
  • Most importantly – Coffee /Tea facilities are available whilst you watch your car get tuned
  • You won’t believe the difference in your car as you drive away!

The One Shot Tune option is ideal for any customer who’s car is out of warranty and doesn’t need the ability to return the car to stock settings. However, If you do wish to have the ability to use the Dreamscience remaps but still have the option to return to stock please see the following link; Stratagem iMap If you have a new Euro-6 vehicle (Mustang GT Face-lift or Fiesta ST MK8) and wish to return to stock please see the following link; Stratagem iMap-E6

Dreamscience One Shot Map and custom tuning service is available for the following supported vehicles:

Ford Focus

  • Focus ST225
  • Focus ST250
  • Focus RS MK3
  • Focus RS MK1
  • Focus ST170
  • Focus ST MK4 (Coming Soon)

Ford Fiesta

  • Fiesta ST150
  • Fiesta ST180
  • Fiesta ST MK8

Ford Mustang

  • Mustang GT S550 V8
  • Mustang GT S550 V8 Face-Lift
  • Mustang 2.3L Eco-Boost

Custom Tuning

We can custom tune any of the above maps to suit your vehicle, we use our state of the art rolling road to ensure the tune file perfectly compliments your mods, fuel grade and driving style. This option is only recommended for customers with more extensive modifications such as bigger Injectors, Cams, Headers, Turbo etc that require “mapping in” to achieve optimum fueling, timing and overall performance. If your vehicle is fitted normal bolt on modifications such as exhausts, intercoolers, induction kits etc this service isn’t required. The reason for this is because in the development stages before we release tune files, we carry out thorough testing with these modifications fitted both individually and fitted together until we are happy we have achieved the most performance before signing the map off as finished. Therefore a custom tune file would be unnecessary if you were looking to achieve more power as this work has already been carried out. The One Shot Tunes have been tried, tested and proven and are ready to be uploaded! (If you are running 440cc injectors on the focus st225, then Mod XRS is recommended over a custom tune)

Focus RS MK3 Stage 2/3 One Shot Tune vs Stock

Buy Now!
Simply purchase this product and we will contact you within one UK working day to arrange your visit and discuss your tune selection. If you have a preferred date for your booking, please leave the date in the ‘Notes’ section during check out. A typical One Shot tune appointment takes less than 30 minutes. A One Shot tune with Rolling road session usually takes around 2 hours. A custom remap appointment will require the vehicle to be with us for 1 full working day.

Please Note: If your car is loaded with a One Shot Map from Dreamscience and your car gets a ECU/PCM update (during a service or dealership work etc) the map will be lost. This will then require you to purchase a new map. At DSHQ, we have the Ford IDS licence and can update your ECU to the latest calibration before we tune your car for an additional £35.00. (Ford dealership charge £80+VAT for this service)

Please note this item is only available to UK customers, please select “Collection” as your delivery method on checkout. Customers from outside the UK are welcome to contact their local Dreamscience dealer to find out more details. Or you can access our tune files through the Stratagem iMap handset which is available for delivery world wide. Stratagem iMap or Stratagem iMap-E6.



Focus ST225

Focus ST225.

Performance Plus (Stage 1)
A great starting tune balancing power and economy for unmodified and lightly modified cars. Performance+ Dyno graph

Race Plus (Stage 1)
Your car will feel more like a race car, with faster response, more boost, but still with good economy in the cruise. This tune gives rapid boost and our signature shove in the back as your car comes on boost. Race+ Dyno graph

DSci (Stage 1)
“Race Plus” with more progressive boost building to a higher peak – works on a wide range of cars from unmodified to some heavily modified. With all standard components work correctly, this map can take your std ST up to 275bhp. Dsci Dyno graph

Mod B + (Stage 2)
Tried and tested “ModB”, but with a few new tweaks. ranges between 275-290bhp with correct modifications. Mod B+ Dyno graph

Mod C (Stage 2)
After 1 years of development we give you “ModC” with several enhancements above the historic “ModB+”. Mod C Dyno graph

Mod X (Stage 2/3)

Definitely our most popular map, this map was conceived from the knowledge we gained tuning the RS MK2, we imported several table changes from the RS MK2 calibration into Mod X and created a truly legendary map. This tune file is only for cars with upgraded induction kit, intercooler and turbo back exhaust system. (This map removes the EML light if you have a de cat fitted) This map certainly has theX-Factor!! A 300bhp+ map. Mod X Dyno graph

Mod XRS (Stage 3)

This is the pedigree of Mod X but calibrated for the larger Bosch 440cc injectors found in the RS MK2, with modified boost curve and throttle mapping Mod XRS is our top tune for cars with full bolt on mods and RS injectors. For even better performance add the Forge Actuator and recirc valve to turn your car into a weapon usually making in excess of 320+ Bhp. (This map removes the EML light if you have a de cat fitted)

Mod X / Mod XRS / TXX Overrun V1 & V2 maps (Stage 2/3/4.5)

The V1 & V2 overrun maps both include a Hard cut rev limiter, Launch control affect and cold start removal.

  • V1 (Big burble, high rate multiple bangs, very aggressive, low flames)
  • V2 (Bigger bangs, emits flames, larger interval between ignitions)
  • V1 & V2 Overrun map video link

TXX (Stage 4.5)

This map is our most powerful to date and incorporates over 5 years of development and testing. Combined with our Stage 4.5 upgrade kit, TXX is truly in a league of its own, delivering a reliable 385 Bhp and 410Ftlb of torque with a flat WRC style torque curve, this map truly is the ultimate experience for the ST225. Requires Stage 3 mods plus 550cc, injectors, Upgraded fuel pump, K16/K26 Turbo. (This map removes the EML light if you have a de cat fitted)

Focus ST250 (Including Face-Lift)

Focus ST250 (Including Face-Lift).

Performance+ (Stage 1)

Ideal for standard cars running std 95 octane fuel, this map delivers a good balance of extra power and torque. A customers favorite for commuting or cruising due to the improved economy.

Race (Stage 1/2)

Ideal for standard cars running std and super unleaded fuel, delivers an increased level of power compared to Performance+. Ideal for spirited driving and every day use alike.

DS-Ultima (Stage 1/2/3)

Our optimum tune for all out performance to be run with 99 octane super unleaded fuel only! Best suited for cars with complimentary bolt on modifications such as Cold Air Induction, Intercooler and turbo back exhaust, it can also be used on the standard car. An all out maximum performance tune ideal for racing and track day. When tested on a standard facelift car with just a panel filter we saw 287Bhp and 393FtLb of torque, and on a car with cold air induction, intercooler and turbo back exhaust we achieve over 300 Bhp. DS Ultima Dyno Graph

Focus RS MK3

Focus RS MK3. 

Race 99 (Stage 1)
This tune file offers a good balance of power and economy and is ideally suited for every day use. It can be run on regular 95 octane fuel but is best suited to 99 octane such as Shell V-Power and Tesco Momentum. Race 99 offers an increase of 60 FtLb of torque and just over 35 Bhp at 3500rpm where the standard car feels very flat. This tune is not about peak power, it’s about improved drive ability and performance without exerting the engine or turbo. Peak power is up to 355Bhp at over 6000 rpm and there is never a sense of the power tapering off, it will just keep pulling. Race 99 also boasts better economy so for any long distance trips or commutes while running 99 octane fuel there is a noticeable increase in mpg. If you decide to add an intercooler upgrade and / or cat back exhaust this tune will run perfectly and the extra flow and cooling will simply add to the performance and compliment the map.

DS-Ultima (Stage 1)
As per the title, this really is the Ultimate map for your RS MK3. Customers now get three maps to play with on their iMap and these maps are compatible with the latest calibration update just released. This new tune file has evolved from from Race99+ and gives more low down power / torque, holds a flat torque curve in the middle keeping you pinned to your seat and you still get that little bit extra up top! This tune file is only for super unleaded fuel or equivalent to UK 99 octane such as Shell V-Power. Peak power is slightly up on Race99+, the most impressive part on DS-Ultima is the extra 30+ bhp throughout the mid range keeping your acceleration uniform from 2000 rpm to 6000rpm, this truly is a customers favorite and to see reviews search any of the top RS MK3 forums.

DS Ultima 2 (Stage 1)

This is the latest tune file and specifically designed for upgraded down pipe at 3″ with sports cat, plus the addition of a Cold Air Intake (CAIS) and most definitely running Shell V power or Tesco Momentum ONLY! Our test car ran the standard intercooler for this test and performed adequately, although a larger intercooler is always going to be better. The test car used for this map creation is different to the one used to make our previous files. Our original test car was a 16 plate and ran 347Bhp stock, our 66 plate test car only ran 321Bhp stock. This being said the terminal peak figures on all maps including stock are lower, however the relative increments are where we want them to be having run through all our maps. Our new DS-Ultima-2 tune file gave an increase of 26Bhp throughout most of the rev range above 2500rpm and just over 31FtLb of torque more than DS-Ultima, the overall top performing run was 390Bhp and 435FtLb of torque. This map has many built in safety functions which are thermally integrated, the map produces it’s full potential only after the oil temperature is in the normal operating range. The Mil light will not come on for de cat or sports cat and to get best acceleration we recommend Sports mode with the traction turned off.

DS-ULTIMA-2+ (Stage 1/2) *Customer Favorite*

The latest and greatest map Dreamscience have released for the RS. “The map that everyone is talking about”. DS Ultima 2+ really sets the standard for tuning options for the MK3 with nearly 12 months of development to finalize and release to the public. This map has been extensively tested on the Road, Dyno and Track!

This map is ideal for a RS that is Standard, or Stage 1,  or Stage 2. Yes that right, DS Ultima 2+ can be run with standard mods!A Standard RS MK3 can expect to see an increase around 45bhp & 80FtLbs Torque in the mid range with 99 octane fuel. To achieve higher figures, this map is complimented by a 3″ downpipe, intercooler,  cold air intake, Bigger Boost pipes ran with V Power fuel. For an independent review of DS Ultima 2+  please see the link: DS Ultima 2+ Review

DS Ultima 3 (Stage 2/3)

Please welcome the Mighty DS-Ultima 3 to our already comprehensive choice of tunes for your RS. We have been working on this latest tune for several months and are delighted with the overall performance, power output, reliability and most importantly drive ability. The vehicle used for the testing was fitted with a Dreamscience Motorsport 3” Down Pipe De Cat, a Velossatech big mouth cold air intake (Velossa Tech) feeding a Dreamscience Motorsport dry charge filter (Panel Filter), stock intercooler and stock cat back running Shell V-Power 99 octane fuel.

The test vehicle reliably and consistently produces around 405Bhp and just over 430FtLb of torque, this map as can be seen from the graph (Dyno Graph) achieves its peak power at 5350 Rpm and holds over 400 Bhp thereafter making it a bit of an animal when racing or making high rpm gear changes. The torque curve has no crazy spike and is controlled as can be seen from the graph we hold over 425Ftlb of torque from 2500 rpm to 4500 rpm with a flat torque curve and the drop off is only slight so the car always feels progressive and like it’s continuously pulling hard! You will notice an over-boost feature with this map when driving that activates above 4500 rpm so you never have the feeling that the car is letting off power, ever! The small humps that can be seen in both the stock map torque curve, and the Ultima 3 torque curve, are a safety feature as we run to a load target / limit same as your stock file, this ensures that under harsh conditions your car will still perform safely and within tolerance. This Ultima 3 tune must only be run with 99 octane fuel in the UK.

Fiesta ST150

Fiesta ST150.

Race+ (Stage 1)
This tune file is ideally suited to the standard car set up and works with std 95 Octane fuel, if super unleaded fuel is used the map will make more power and offer better economy in the cruise. Usually good for an extra 15Bhp, and 12FtLb of torque with no other modifications. Improved acceleration with the adjustment of the factory torque limiters greatly improved 1st and 2nd gear acceleration and irons out the throttle delay. Race Plus Dyno Graph

Track (Stage 1)
This tune file is based on Race+ but has all the ECU torque control and tip in intervention disabled so ideal for track racing. This tune is best suited for standard cars running super unleaded fuel. It produces similar power outputs to Race+ but disables any interferance from the ecu relating to torque. A practical feature for track days is the “Track Map” holds the rpm up when changing gears to eliminate delay during rapid acceleration.

Hyper Race+ (Stage 2/3)
Our newly created map best suited for 99 Octane super unleaded fuel, and designed for cars running common bolt on mods including Cold Air Induction Kit, 4-2-1 Branch exhaust manifold with full system, Race cat or de cat,a more aggressive cam shaft profile. This set up with std cams usually makes a proven 185 to 190Bhp, with cams added this usually makes 205 to 215Bhp. This HyperR+ map is truly a customer favorite and always produces excellent reviews.

Fiesta ST180

Fiesta ST180.

Race 95
Dreamscience finally release a tuning solution for your ST-180 Fiesta, the Race 95 map as the title suggests is for standard 95 octane fuel and works well on cars that are standard or with partial modifications such as panel filter, cold air induction kit and cat back exhaust. This map offers an increase in torque of over 45 FtLb and over 30 Bhp in the mid range and picks the peak  power on our test car to 202Bhp and 245FtLb of torque, if you want that extra power we suggest you fill up with V-Power 99 and run the Race 99 tune. Race 95 Dyno Graph.

Race 99 
This tune file is based on the Mighty Race 95 map and  has been carefully calibrated to work with 99 Octane fuel  like Shell V-Power. This map really isn’t for the faint hearted as we have edited the torque limiters in the lower gears, refined the power delivery so the car will pull all the way to the rev limiter. This tune can be used on standard car set up or those with panel filter, induction kits and exhaust modifications including turbo down pipe. Our test car was completely standard with V-Power fuel and consistently ran just over 212Bhp peak and 268 to 272 FtLb of torque making this one of the strongest remaps for the otherwise standard car on the market. All tests were done on our 6 month old Mustang 4WD dynamometer in 9 degree ambient temperature.When giving this tune to several test customers they were all blown away to the power delivery all through the revs on the road, a must have for any ST-180 owner. Race 99 Dyno Graph.

DS Ultima

The Dreamscience Stage 2 remap now signed off and complete. to experience the full fury of this map, we advise having after market modifications fitted such as an intake,  full exhaust and inter cooler. This map will remove the mil light so it can run with a race cat or de cat. DS Ultima has been designed to not only improve peak power and torque figures across a dyno graph, but to maximize performance at lower RPM and the mid range. With supporting mods this map made a total of 220bhp and 288Ftlbs of Torque on our dyno.

Fiesta ST MK8 (200)

Fiesta ST MK8 (200)

DS Ultima

A great entry level Tune file for standard cars. This file will produce around 218bhp 240ftlb with the use of correct fuel grade and at cool ambient temperatures. This file will work with cars that have a lane filter fitted. Always use 99RON Fuel. We advise to use V-power99

DS Ultima+ (High Torque)

The next level up from the Ultima tune. This is designed to work with our Panel filters and makes up one half of our stage 1 kit. This Tune file should make up to 230 – 238bhp  and 285ftlb of torque when set up correctly. Although the peak HP increase is impressive, it is the whopping 50bhp increase in the mid range that sets this map apart from the other remaps on the market. This is where you will feel the biggest difference in performance and the results will portray this on the road/track where it matters! Not just a dyno graph. This will turbo your fiesta into an extremely quick car on the road. View Dyno Graph

Ford Mustang S550 V8

Ford Mustang S550 V8

Race 99
The optimum tune for your V8 Mustang, created in collaboration with the top calibrators from SCT USA the word  leaders in Mustang tuning. This tune is ideally suited for the standard car set up, on our Dyno our std test car running Shell V-Power made 411Bhp & 365FtLb of torque. After flashing the car with the Race 99 tune we made an impressive 442Bhp and 396FtLb. We have ironed out several flat spots,improved throttle response and make gear changes much sharper when punching the throttle.

Race 99 Induction
This tune file is based on the Mighty Race 99 map and  has been carefully calibrated to work with the JLT cold air induction kit. When performing our tests on a std car running Shell V-Power and the JLT intake only, we made an impressive 452.7Bhp and 410FtLb of torque. This is an additional 11Bhp and 14FtLb of torque with the cold air filter and revised map.

Race 99 vs Standard Dyno Graph

Mustang S550 V8 Face-Lift

Mustang S550 V8 Face-Lift

Race 99
The optimum tune for your V8 Mustang, created in collaboration with the top calibrators from SCT USA the word  leaders in Mustang tuning. This tune is ideally suited for the standard car set up, on our Dyno our std test car running Shell V-Power made 443Bhp & 387FtLb of torque. After flashing the car with the Race 99 tune we made an impressive 475bhp and 421 Ftlbs. . We have ironed out several flat spots,improved throttle response and make gear changes much sharper when punching the throttle.

Race 99 Induction
This tune file is based on the Mighty Race 99 map and  has been carefully calibrated to work with the JLT cold air induction kit. When performing our tests on a std car running Shell V-Power and the JLT intake only, we made an addittional 11Bhp and 14FtLb of torque with the cold air filter and revised map.

Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost

Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost

Race 99
The Ecoboost Mustang certainly looks the part but it does lack that extra grunt which makes it a muscle car. With the Race 99 tune we managed an increase of over 40 Bhp and 70 FtLb of torque which completely transforms a good car into an exciting car. Race 99 is best suited for super unleaded fuel but can be used on regular octane too.

Race 99 Induction
This tune is specifically calibrated for the JLT cold air intake system and gives and even greater power increase due to the direct delivery of unrestricted cold air to the turbo, vital in any high performance application. On our test car we managed to increase our power by 51 Bhp and just over 80FtLb of torque making this thoroughbred a true animal with the induction noise to suit.

Focus RS MK1

Focus RS MK1 

Taking “Race” further. This tune gives rapid boost and our signature shove in the back as your car comes on boost. Our demo RS MK1 made around 212bhp on our dyno as standard. Once we uploaded the Race+ software it consistently made between 245- 250bhp!


Focus ST170

Focus ST170

Race 97

Taking “Race” further. This tune gives rapid boost and our signature shove in the back as your car comes on boost. Ideal for fuel grade 97/99RON. This upgrade only provides a small portion of BHP increase compared to other vehicles but the drive ability is improved through editing multiple torque tables to allow the car to feel much more reactive and quicker on the road.

Race 97 Induction

Same as our Race97 tune, but with the addition of Induction support for those with Induction kits fitted.



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