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BOOSTane Professional

£27.5 (£22.92 ex vat) Backordered
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Dreamscience Are the UK and European Distributer of BOOSTANE.

BOOSTane Professional is formulated to increase octane levels up to 116. This formula provides professional racers and racing enthusiasts a safe and convenient alternative to expensive and cumbersome racing fuel. This product is not street-legal.

BOOSTane Professional Size: Each Tin of BOOSatane professional contains 946ml (32 FL oz) 

How is BOOSTane’s formula different?

The answer centers on our proprietary chelated carrier, which makes BOOSTane perform better than any other booster.  With BOOSTane, our anti-knocking agents remain suspended indefinitely in solution.  This helps deliver the incredible advantages that we sought to provide. First, there is no need to worry about the shelf life of BOOSTane. No matter its age, your can of BOOSTane will deliver reliable performance without harmful sedimentation. Second, BOOSTane’s revolutionary chelated carrier allows us to include a higher-concentration of anti-knocking agents in the formula.

There are a lot of additives that make claims about what they can do for your performance. BOOSTane is not one of those fuel additives. Utilizing a proprietary, patent pending blend, BOOSTane effectively raises your octane 23 points, to as high 116! Professional is focused on very high performance tuning and racing applications requiring high octane.  Don’t trust claims, only in results. BOOSTane is the product of years of engineering and racing pedigree, and winner of the coveted SEMA LaunchPad Product of the Year for its innovation.

Get BOOSTane and turn the pump gas in your tank to a high performance race fuel equivalent.

  • Will raise your effective octane fuel number 23 points!
  • Use our very own BOOSTane App to blend exactly to your necessary specifications
  • Safe for use with catalytic converters and O2 Sensors
  • Won’t settle out of solution and become ineffective in your tank, due to our proprietary carriers
  • Stabilizes against phase separation from ethanol supplementation (E10)-
  • Works in all internal combustion engines, from powerboats and high performance street cars to motorcycles and ATV’s, Naturally Aspirated or Forced Induction, your peace of mind is here.
  • Our expert engineers have developed the most reliable, consistent, and high-performing octane booster on the market; and we’ve confirmed it through independent 3rd party testing. With BOOSTane’s formula, you’re buying an octane booster that delivers consistent results and is also good for your vehicle’s engine.  That’s exactly what we set out to do.

For further info on boostane, visit

Please see the link below for more info on BOOSTane.

Please read Boostane spec sheet and brochure for detailed information – found in product gallery, along with Mixing Charts.

*Download the free BOOSTane App to calculate Fuel to BOOSTane ratio your vehicle requires* (Available on the Apple App Store for Smart Phones.


  • HIGHER Compression Engine suitable
  • Proprietary chelated carrier
  • Anti-corrosion against ethanol
  • Cleaning agents
  • Anti-carbon build up
  • Work well on Turbocharged engines
  • Increased timing and spark advances
  • Quick solution to adding ethanol to tank
  • Safer Boost
  • Less detonation


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