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Dreamscience ST225 Full Exhaust Race-Cat pipe. Stainless Steel.

£1049.95 (£874.96 ex vat) In Stock

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Dreamscience ST225 Full Exhaust Race-Cat pipe. Stainless Steel.

Legal for road use in the UK.

Dreamscience have collaborated with one of the UK”s most established exhaust names to manufacture one of the finest 3″ Exhaust systems for the Focus ST225 on the market to our specification.

The Exhaust is constructed from 304 grade aircraft spec stainless steel, it is mandrel bent to ensure a smooth and unrestricted exit of gasses from the engine, this is also helped by the free flowing 200 cell FIA approved race cat (or optional 100 cell) and the 3″ Cat Back system.

This Exhaust does not use the traditional large silencer at the rear of the vehicle, instead we have chosen to use two 5″ diameter inline silencers, not only do they give a sporty sound, they have a unique look and save weight. We provide the system with 2 heat proof metal stickers reading “Dreamscience” which by choice can be stuck to the 2 in line rear silencers as per the pictures below. This new system is subtle and refined in the cruise, and at idle, however when you apply full throttle be prepared to hear an amazing roar with just the right level of aggression. Make sure you listen to the sound clips below;

We have not used a conventional sports cat, instead we have incorporated a very free flowing 200 cell FIA approved race cat, or you could choose an optional 100 cell cat. Our Catalytic convertor meets European emission regulations and each system is individually etched with homologation details and manufacture dates.

With the Dreamscience Exhaust system you receive the legendary 4″ slash cut/ Hard edge Tips.

*Please note. This is a Motorsport Exhaust and is designed to be louder than the standard system at idle, cruising, and full throttle.*

Dreamscience Exhaust Sound Clip

FULL Fitting Kit Optional (clamps and bolts)

You can reuse your existing fittings or purchase a new set using the option below before adding to your basket. The set comprises three replacement genuine ford copper downpipe bolts and a genuine ford downpipe gasket.

Fitting is available at our Dreamscience HQ in Hull, UK, priced at £100. Please select this below before adding to cart, and choose “Collection” as your delivery option otherwise you will be charged carriage!


Dreamscience ST225 Full Exhaust Race-Cat pipe. Stainless Steel.

  • 3 Inch Turbo Downpipe – 3 inch stainless steel Turbo Downpipe for Focus ST225
  • Race CAT 200 cell FIA approved or optional 100 cell CAT – Dreamscience Super High Flow Race Cat now available in both 100 and 200 cell sizes. Constructed from stainless steel for Ford Focus Focus ST225.
  • Cat Back – 3 inch stainless steel Cat Back with 4 inch slash cut tips either rolled in or hard edge for Ford Focus ST225
  • 4 inch slash cut tips, available in either rolled in or hard edge
  • Exhaust Back Box Stickers
  • Exhaust Fitting Instructions


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