Iridium Spark Plug Set [FIESTA ST MK8/PUMA ST]

£48.99 (£40.83 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

Iridium Spark Plug Set [FIESTA ST MK8/PUMA ST]

£48.99 (£40.83 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Product Description

Iridium Spark Plug Set [FIESTA ST MK8/PUMA ST]

Part of our ENGINE SHOP Range.

EcoBoost engines running substantially higher boost pressure or increased levels of tuning compared to the OE power output can experience reduced spark plug life resulting in lower engine performance, misfires and rough idle.

Increased wear is typically seen in the form of increased spark plug gap and degradation of the electrode. Using spark plugs that are optimized for increased power ensures maximum performance.

Extensive in-market validation at extreme boost / cylinder pressures was undertaken to ensure optimal performance was achieved, whilst also making sure  reliability and drivability wasn’t compromised in colder ambient temperatures.

*Each set is supplied pre-gapped by Dreamscience to 0.65mm to optimize the setting and allow for easier end-user installation.*

Iridium Spark Plug Set [FIESTA ST MK8/PUMA ST]

NGK’s basic aftermarket Iridium spark plug range, though some part numbers are recommended as standard by NGK UK. A traditional ground electrode and a 0.6mm Iridium alloy centre electrode result in an Iridium plug which offers good value for money. Though not as performance orientated as Denso’s Iridium Power, Tough or Racing plugs, the IX range does provide an extended service life and improved performance over standard copper plug types. You can find a suitable Iridium IX plug by using our ‘Advanced Search’ application.

NGK Iridium IX spark plugs

Not all NGK racing plugs incorporate an Iridium centre electrode. Those that do will have either a standard ground electrode design, usually in nickel alloy, or a solid platinum bar ground (similar to the Denso racing design) and a 0.4mm Iridium alloy centre electrode. Like the Denso Iridium racing plugs, these parts are designed for strength whilst maintaining optimum performance.

For more information on the benefits of iridium spark plugs, visit: Iridium Spark Plugs Advice & Information

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