Fiesta ST MK8 Stage 2 software (Ultima 2+)

£100 (£83.33 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

Fiesta ST MK8 Stage 2 software (Ultima 2+)

£100 (£83.33 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available


5.00 out of 5
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(X4***********). Please double check the iMap serial number is correct after entering here, if incorrect (even by one number/letter) the tune will not work on your device and you will be charged again for a rebuild/ resend.

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5.00 out of 5
  1. Lyndon

    All I can say is wow!! This is a massive step in improvement over the Ultima2. Not only is this staggeringly quick but the fuel economy when just driving normally is now just as good as stock, well almost. The only thing is, the loud peddle becomes so addictive to push it a little more for that push in the back that makes this such a great upgrade. It really has made me fall in love with my car again just like the first time I drove it away from the showroom. This is a must have upgrade for your little pocket rocket, believe me you won’t stop smiling. Excellent job by the team at Dreamscience.

  2. Dillon

    There are no words strong enough to describe how amazing this map is. Insane power on tap with OEM drivability. Pulls like a train all the way to the redline with that signature DS torque that pins you back in the seat. Yes, it’s not the highest BHP stage 2 map out there for the MK8. However, how usable the power is makes this car an absolute weapon. Well done DS, you’ve done it again.

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Product Description

Fiesta ST MK8 Stage 2 software (Ultima 2+) 

Features include:

  • DS Ultima 2+ (Stage 2 map)
  • Active Launch control
  • Enhanced Overrun
  • Revised fueling tables – improved MPG
  • Cylinder deactivation turn off option
  • GPF / De-Cat code removal
  • More power
  • More torque
  • Exclusive to iMap-E6 users. If you do not have an iMap-E6, you can purchase from HERE.

DS Ultima 2+ / Stage 2.  265BHP

After months of vigorous developing and testing, now complete is DS Ultima 2+ tune file. With our latest range of excellent hardware modifications, we were able to transform the Fiesta ST MK8 and extract really serious performance. The characteristics and power delivery of this tune have evolved to more powerful linear upgrade from the previous DS Ultima 2 map. We’ve extracted much more power in the mid to high RPM range – Whilst enhancing the legendary “throw back in your seat” low torque!

As shown on the dyno graph, this tune makes it peak power between 5350rpm and 5550rpm and holds the power all the way to the limiter! Creating higher revving machine. Thus allowing gear changes at full throttle to drop you into that power band sweet spot. Perfect for racing scenarios. A great step up from stage 1.

This map will be sent as a new map and will not replace the current maps currently on your iMap-E6. Please read below for more info on these new features.

Overrun – Enhanced burbles, pops, overrun – with the option to select length of overrun around your preference.

  • Standard overrun 0.57 seconds
  • 0.75 seconds
  • 1.25 seconds
  • 1.75 seconds
  • 2.5 seconds

Once the overrun map is loaded, the overrun features will only become active in the following modes;


In ‘Normal Mode’ the overrun features will remain deactivated. The same as Std.

Launch Control

Launch control is set to just below 3995rpm. After multiple trial and error tests, we found this was the optimum RPM to get the launch from a stand still position without too much torque loss intervention or wheel spin – Whilst still being able to activate the overrun burbles/ pops from a stand still engine rev. This option works best in RACE mode to prevent traction intervention. This feature will remain active in all driver section modes. Including NORMAL mode.

How to activate Launch Control? No need to to rush around with your steering wheel at the traffic lights anymore. Simply apply your clutch, put your ST in 1st and apply the accelerator.

In order to achieve top results as quoted, the modification list req’d is:

What is the minimum amount of hardware I can run DS Ultima 2+ with?

  • Stage 2 or 3 intercooler. *(Required)*
  • 98+ Octane fuel. *(Required)*
  • 76MM Cold air intake *(Recommended)* – in order to achieve higher power figures – However the std intake will run within the maps safety tolerances- just making detectibly less bhp)
  • Aftermarket Race-cat or De-cat Down pipe *(Recommended only)* – in order to achieve higher power figures. However the std down pipe will run within the maps safety tolerances- just making less bhp)

Fuel Economy and MPG.

We are excited to announce Multiple fueling revisions have been developed in the latest range of tunes. Big MPG improvements over the original Ultima+ and Ultima 2 tunes. Improvements are most noticeable in part throttle / cruising.

*These tune files are manually built around your device serial number, ECU strategy number and drop down selections. Please order during working hours for quickest delivery. Delivery is sent via email once built and ready.*

Check out our Stage 2 map reviewed on the link below-  At the time of filming, our MK8 ST didn’t have the 76mm Cold Air Intake or the GPF delete. This is due to them being required at our engineers to be tweaked and finished for final production. These are KEY components req’d to achieve the top figures.

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Power figures are dependent on the vehicle, climate and modification spec.