Focus RS MK3 Stage 3 software (Ultima 3+)

£100 (£83.33 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

Focus RS MK3 Stage 3 software (Ultima 3+)

£100 (£83.33 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available


5.00 out of 5
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5.00 out of 5
  1. Craig (verified owner)

    WOW this this map is fantastic, Massive credit to the DS team for developing a map that not only improves the performance but also massively improving the driveability of the car. I’ve installed the ultima 3+ with the cold start adjustment and could not be happier. From the moment I started car with this map the difference is incredible and noticeable, From day one of owning this car the rough idle has drove me crazy finally fixed with this map. The way the engine now comes on boost is brilliant hard hitting but most importantly the boost curve feels smooth and massively improved driveability. The most unexpected and very welcome improment is the exhaust tone on boost.
    Thank you, One very happy customer.

  2. Van khanh (verified owner)

    The best Tune for the rs so far
    Thumbs up

  3. Veit

    It was a long wait, but the result is awesome!
    Torque comes up directly by pushing the pedal and it stays all the over the revs.
    You feel the power increases the higher the rev goes.
    Idle is very smooth!
    The Burbles with0,65seconds are great.
    I have bought and testet nearly all the competitors on the market, but I will stay with the Ultima 3+
    It’s a perfect Map for my setup.
    It gives enough fuel on full power to get the engine cold enough on Autobahn and race track.
    Boost an ignition is very well biased.
    Thanks to the guys at Dreamscience!
    Well done!

  4. Francisco Angel

    Un cambio a mejor en todos los sentidos, he ido probando conforme iba saliendo mapas desde la ultima 2 hasta esta ultima 3+ y el cambio siempre a ido a mejor, siendo este ultimo mapa el colofón a un trabajo perfecto, la curva de potencia siempre llena y un entrega contundente hace de su utilización un coche perfecto tanto para rutas como para track, el arranque en frio es todo un acierto que celebro que se allá añadido, el pedal de acelerador es junto a lo demás otro gran acierto, con una respuesta mas rápida y sensible que te permite dosificar mejor la potencia, los pops actualizados suenan ahora mas elegantes, con una velocidad de explosión mayor pero un sonido mas refinado, con restos de gorgoteo muy muy bonitos y dejando elegir el tiempo que gustes que suenen. Es el mejor mod por el precio que tiene que le puedes hacer a nuestros Rs.

    • Jared

      Thank you for the feedback, here is the translation to English for others to read 🙂

      A change for the better in every way, I have been testing as I was coming out maps from the last 2 to this last 3+ and the change has always been better, this last map being the culmination of a perfect job, the power curve always Full and a forceful delivery makes its use a perfect car for both routes and tracks, the cold start is a success that I am happy to have added, the accelerator pedal is another great success, with a response faster and more sensitive that allows you to better dose the power, the updated pops now sound more elegant, with a higher explosion speed but a more refined sound, with very very nice gurgling remnants and letting you choose the time you like them to sound. It is the best mod for the price that you can do at our Rs.

  5. Michael (verified owner)

    Firstly the DSU3+ Map is amazing. What’s more the ease of loading onto the fabulous imap is nothing short of a dream to work with.
    Then to add that map to my focus rs mk3 was without question a dam sight easier than any other mod I have made to which there are many to my car in order to get it ready for this extreme map.
    The cold idle start is out of this world and made a huge improvement esp as I have a slightly louder exhaust than factory fitted… the neighbours now love me esp early in the morning, thank the dream science lab for this, amazing!
    Also I would just love to thank all the help, support and advice from you guys at dream science as it’s been invaluable and appreciated
    More importantly my car runs, sounds and absolutely flies like a dream due to my this map. Don’t consider it, just do it as you will not be disappointed. Smiles and fun guaranteed.

  6. Carlos (verified owner)

    Sin duda un acierto. Todos los mapas se nota que tienen muchas horas de trabajo detrás para conseguir esos resultados. La última DS3+ sin duda la guinda del pastel. Muy buen trabajo

    • Jared

      Thank you, translated for our English speaking customers. 🙂

      Without a doubt a success. All the maps show that they have many hours of work behind to achieve these results. The latest DS3 + certainly the icing on the cake. Very good work”

  7. Paul

    Installed U3+ today, I have all the add ons apart from sports cat and the way it drives makes me wonder if a sports cat would actually help but I guess it would for better breathing,anyway it’s so much better than previous maps for me not having the flap spots and slight hesitation, when you want to drive more leisurely it’s way better with boost coming in at 1750 rpm and it pulls strong all the way through,3rd gear is awesome it feels so fast, I have installed the map for cold start and the hot running with are both cured, really happy and a must for anyone with the DS handset and potentially new customers
    I’m a happy customer

  8. Lee (verified owner)

    Been Running the map a few weeks now and can’t fault it at all the delivery is brilliant and just keeps on pulling.
    For what you pay and what you get it has no downfall. (Quicker, More fun, and you just plug it in) whats not to like!

  9. mike10 (verified owner)

    Wow, what an absolutely incredible change from Ultima 3. Did not expect such a difference but was blown away by the sheer pulling power my car now yields. Its an animal now and it feels so good, best map yet not only because of the immense power and torque but it is very well balanced and the response is just superb.

    Only 1 thing I’d like to maybe have available, is multiple overrun choices to see what the sweet spot is.

    Great job by the DS team! I’m not sure how you improve on this but I do look forward to it.

  10. Carlos (verified owner)

    Yes yes ça fonctionne super bien ultima 3+ je conseille de le mettre sur toute les focus rs mk3 merci dreamscience

  11. Robert (verified owner)

    No boy racer here wanting all the pops and bangs. Only a mature guy wanting a quality tune that provides for a substantial performance increase across the entire rev range. I’ve found it here with the Ultima 3+.
    I’ve been using Dreamscience tunes for over 10 years (since my Mk2 ST days) including several for the current RS and this 3+ is the best yet.
    From low revs silky smooth drive away acceleration to foot to the floor grunt take offs, this one has it all.
    My car is stock apart from some K&N cold air intake and the change it’s made is immense. I’m using the Dreamscience recommended 0.65 second overrun and it’s made the pops and bangs from the exhaust more natural and not programmed like you get from stock. More like my Mk2 RS where the pops are more random this tune has also put them further up the rev range 4000 – 4500rpm. The tune has been faultless in both hot and cold weather. Definitely recommend it.

  12. Nader (verified owner)

    I’ve been running the range of DS Ultima maps for the last couple of years, with positive results, but wanted to maximise the potential of my RS. So upon release of the Ultima 3+ map, I followed DreamScience recommendations by installing a full turbo back exhaust, their own V2 intercooler, strengthened recirculation valve and cold air intake. I should add that I also fitted a dual catch can setup to ensure airflow cleanliness and to improve internal oil efficiency. After all that, in went the 3+ map.!

    And whoah…this map has sorted so many issues – flat spots, cold starts, launch controls, exhaust tone, rough idle, overrun pops and crackle, shift speed etc. The power is addictive, the sound is crazy, all controlled by how you choose to moderate your accelerator pedal (or not) and the torque truly comes on like a freight train! The car was always quick, but now it’s fast. I’m unable to verify their hp claims, but in Australia we run RON 98 fuel which seems well-matched and my butt dyno says their figures are about right. Engine safety is of critical concern to me and obviously the amount of research that’s gone into this map has me travelling, like really really travelling, with confidence. Superb!

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Product Description

Focus RS MK3 Stage 3 software (Ultima 3+)

The latest and greatest addition to our armoury of tune files available on the Stratagem iMap handset, the DS-Ultima-3+ is the latest maximum performance tune release from Dreamscience and is very much a top contender, if not successor to other equivalent maps already available in the market.

DS-Ultima-3+ boasting a peak power of 425Bhp and still achieving 430FtLb of torque across a longer range this map really is the ultimate for those looking to maximise every ounce of potential from their car.

This tune has been developed for just over 12 months with rigorous tests in multiple climates and varying conditions to ensure safety, reliability, driveability and most importantly consistency. DS-Ultima-3+ comes with launch control permanently enabled at the optimum rpm point and 1st gear torque adjustment to decimate any rival from a stand still, and then with the mighty punch of power thereafter to keep propelling you through the gears.

Having had numerous requests to adjusts the cold start program for those running de cats/ sports cats, or for those with loud exhaust systems and touchy neighbours, you shall receive two versions of the Ultima 3+ map. One without, and one with the cold start adjust. The map with the cold start adjust will allow your cold start to be less dramatic and in most cases less annoying with all the noise, spluttering and jerking. This version of the new map has also addressed and fixed the hot engine lumpy / fading idle issue as standard. You will have both maps emailed to you, and will have the choice to load either maps depending on individual preference.

To achieve the full potential of this DS-Ulime-3+ map you would need the following mods

Dreamscience full 3″ Cold Air Intake, or equivalent

Dreamscience full 3″ turbo back exhaust with De cat or Race Cat

Dreamscience V2 Intercooler

Shell V Power, Tesco Momentum or any equivalent 99+ octane fuel.


Looking at the dyno graph you will see DS-Ultima-3+ comes onto boost faster with no delay or flat spot at all and holds a strong torque curve until nearly 5000 rpm, we achieve peak horse power at just over 5500 rpm where the power will start to drop slightly as this is full duty cycle and effectively maximum power although it’s worth noting at 5800 rpm we are still making 418Bhp.

This is why the dyno graph looks far more traditional with power constantly climbing until it reaches a peak and then starts to drop off as once a closed turbo wastegate is achieved, optimum timing, fuel mix and an open throttle with no intervention this is the maximum potential of the engine, there is no magic table or tune that can make any extra performance!

You will notice that when running through the gears at full throttle you will achieve maximum turbo wastegate, but if you do long pulls from low rpm in a gear we are able to use less wastegate as the charge system using the TIP “Throttle Inlet Pressure” is still able to achieve our demanded load. Part throttle on the new Ultima-3+ map has also been edited to be sharper with more urgency. As a subsidiary result of this, the overrun on the new 3+ it is more subtle and you will see with this map there is no delay when changing gear, this is deliberate to increase gear to gear performance, because of this there is not as much time for the overrun to arm and happen as frequently as experienced in our V3 overrun tune.

Overrun – Enhanced burbles, pops, overrun – with the option to select length of overrun around your preference.

  • 0.65 SECONDS* (Dreamscinece favourite length)
  • 0.95 SECONDS
  • 1.25 SECONDS
  • 1.75 SECONDS
  • 2.5 SECONDS (The length of the V3 overrun tune)

Once the overrun map is loaded, the overrun features will only become active in the following modes;


In ‘Normal Mode’ the overrun features will remain deactivated. The same as Std.

Launch Control

Launch control in this tune is set to just below 4000rpm. After multiple trial and error tests, we found this was the optimum RPM to get the launch from a stand still position without too much torque loss intervention or wheel spin. Although the standard launch control RPM was set to over 5K, due to the increased power and torque in this map, this RPM became too high. Following this principle, we have disabled the standard launch control feature in the V3 overrun maps for protection of the transmission components. Launch control works best in RACE mode to prevent traction intervention. This feature will remain active in all driver section modes. Including NORMAL mode.

How to activate Launch Control? No need to to rush around with your steering wheel at the traffic lights anymore. Simply apply your clutch, put your ST in 1st and apply the accelerator.

Cold Start Idle Adjust

This tune gives you the option to assist with the cold start idle. This feature in the OEM set up is purposely designed to idle at a higher RPM to warm up the catalytic convertors in the exhaust, until eventually dropping to the normal idle rpm. Therefore this feature is no longer required for those customers running de-catted exhaust systems.

This feature is especially popular for those with louder than stock aftermarket exhausts who don’t want excessive noise at when starting the car. Whether you are an early riser and don’t want to wake up the neighbourhood,  or you have those “non car enthusiast” neighbours, we have got you covered! This also assists with the infamous spluttering from the RS cold start up.

*Please Note – More Power = More Engine wear. It is always wise to consider engine forging when tuning your car to this level*


How do I add this tune to my iMap once purchased? 

Once purchased, the tunes files will be emailed to you. The email will include these simple steps on how to add the tunes to your iMap device.

  1. Save the tune files to your Windows PC/ Desktop.
  2. If you haven’t already, Install our iMap updater from the following link:
  3. Once the updater is open and handset connected with cable provided, click on “load custom tune file”, “add to device” then “program”.
  4. Once complete, disconnect and plug into car and the tune will appear in the “custom tune” section.
  5. Load the tune and Enjoy.

If you have any install or connectivity issues, a troubleshooting help guide will be attached.

*Please note – Windows PC Required to load tunes – These tune files are manually built around your device serial number, ECU strategy number and drop down selections. Please order during working hours for quickest delivery. Delivery is sent via email once built and ready.*

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