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Dreamscience Fiesta ST MK8 Intercooler

£495 (£412.50 ex vat) In Stock

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Dreamscience Fiesta ST MK8 Intercooler

This truly is a Motorsport Intercooler that is purposely built lightweight with an ultra-high performance core. Specifically designed to allow an increased airflow through the cores of the larger surface area I.C. creating much more efficient cooling for your ST. The tanks have been hand crafted with a specially developed deeper core. Making much higher power figures on our Dyno compared to the stock intercooler! Air intake temperatures have been data logged on the dyno, charge temps did not exceed +10 degrees over ambient temperatures. Results on the road proving even more impressive!

How does the Dreamscience intercooler compare to others on the market?

Our intercooler isn’t just a beauty to look at! Dreamscience teamed up with Radtec Engineering (the OEM supplier of Koenigsegg intercooler components) to create and test this system. Thinking outside the box in true Dreamscience style, instead of just competing for the tallest system on the market, we spent more time focusing our development on the overall efficiency of the system. Through development, we found by making a taller system, it would mean we would have to sacrifice precious amounts of core width to gain height. When looking at the image below (image 2) circled in red. You can see there is no distance between our intercooler core  and the cars mounting points. When carrying out this same comparison on taller systems, it reveals the core width and depth is lost to gain height. Our intercooler core dimensions below compared to one of the tallest on the market.

Dreamscience I.C  vs  Tall cooler design (competitor)

Width: 700mm.            Width: 620mm 

Height: 265mm.           Height: 390mm

Depth: 70mm.                Depth: 56mm

To make sure our design provided the most efficient cooling, we focused specifically on the internals of the intercooler. We incorporate fully louvered deeper finning which dissipates the heat more efficiently compared to more commonly used intercooler cores on the market, therefore allowing modified ST’s to make optimum power for much longer. We use this same theory, material and set up on our extremely popular RS MK3 intercooler. The wide and deep design with this core type, unlike bar and plate has a rapid recovery rate. This allows immediate power when putting your foot back on the Pedal! This design delivers an extremely efficient heat rejection characteristic with virtually no pressure drop!

The main advantage to this intercooler design is the fact it fits perfectly with the Twin cold air intake scoops. Allowing you to further upgrade performance if required. Thus providing your ST with even more cooling channels (ideal for bigger turbo /track conversions). This set up would flow pressurised cold air direct to your turbo then further cooled by the Dreamscience intercooler. After vigorous on the road data logging and testing, we found this combination was an unrivillaed way to provide your ST with most efficient cold airflow set up on the market! . This new revision is designed especially for stage 2/3 set ups and is ideal for the DS Ultima 2 set up or a similar Stage 2/3 conversion!

Standard Intercooler.

Dreamscience Intercooler. (image 2)


We rate this item as 3 out of 5 for fitting difficulty, with 1 being the easiest and 5 most difficult. Full detailed fitting instructions are included with this product.

We also offer a full fitting service at our dreamscience HQ in Hull, UK, priced at £70.00. This must be selected with your order, and we will then contact you to arrange a suitable time. Please note if you require this service then you must choose collection as your delivery method when going through the checkout or you’ll still be charged for delivery!

For any DIY fitting advice please call our tech helpline to speak to our Qualified technicians on +44 1482 224433. Or email us on



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