Stage 1 to Stage 2 Package [Focus ST MK4] 365BHP+

£725 (£604.17 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available
dreamscience stage 1 to stage 2, focus st mk4 Focus ST Mk4 intake system
dreamscience stage 1 to stage 2, focus st mk4
Focus ST Mk4 intake system

Stage 1 to Stage 2 Package [Focus ST MK4] 365BHP+

£725 (£604.17 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Product Description

.Stage 1 to Stage 2 Package [Focus ST MK4] 365BHP+

We are delighted to introduce you our Stage 1 to Stage 2 tuning package. After  many months of development, rigorous testing, and tens of thousands of miles, we can proudly announce we have officially signed off the ULTIMATE Stage 2 package for your MK4 ST. This tuning package is created and designed for those already running the Dreamscience Stage 1 kit. This package includes the following components;

  • Ultima-RS (365bhp) Software
  • DS Cold Air Intake System
  • 200 cell High Flow Sports Cat (Optional thermal encapsulation available)
  • (Optional Extra) Iridium Spark Plugs. Recommended but not mandatory.

It would be a huge understatement think the Stage 1 to Stage 2 jump is only worth an extra 35HP. Yes, both tunes make their peak horse power around the 5500rpm mark and the peak power difference of the two tunes is 35bhp. However, As per the Stage 1 vs Stage 2 dyno graph, There are not only clear improvements, but substantial improvements throughout the entire rev range. To help put the the performance into perspective, ‘checkpoints’ have been highlighted in the 330bhp Stage 1 Vs 365bhp Stage 2 dyno graph.

When analysing the mid range performance, you can see at around 4600RPM, The Stage 2 tune picking up a comfortable 27bhp and 32ftlbs torque. From thereon, the difference in the Stage 2’s performance continues to pull away from the Stage 1 at a phenomenal rate. As previously mentioned, around 5500rpm is where the both tunes are making their peak power with a 35bhp difference. However, at 5850RPM, The Stage 2 ST is actually making an extra 52bhp and 47ftlbs torque! As you can see on the graph, the Stage 2 ST manages to maintain this average superiority of 50bhp & 50ftlbs torque all the way to the rev limiter! (The difference in power from 5850rpm onwards here is even greater than Stock vs Stage 1!) meaning, you get to relive that huge increase in power feeling all over again. But this time, even better!

Stage 2 Features: [Included in this package]

This software prevents engine management lights appearing for Exhaust modifications such as a GPF delete, Sports Cat or De Cat down pipe. In the drop down section, you also have the option to adjust your overrun length, customizing it to your preferred length.

  • Overrun – Enhanced burbles, pops, overrun – with the option to select length of overrun around your preference.
  • 0.95 SECONDS
  • 1.5 SECONDS
  • 2.0 SECONDS
  • 2.5 SECONDS

Once the overrun map is loaded, the overrun features will only become active in the following modes;


In ‘Normal Mode’ the overrun features will remain deactivated. The same as Standard.

For more info on the Dreamscience Stratagem iMap-E6, Click Here

Cold Air Intake System [Included in this package]

This kit like the many before, has been designed not just to replace the OEM intake, but to provide a system with maximum airflow efficiency. Our intakes are designed and developed in house by engineers with PHD level qualifications in physics with over decade of experience in designing and manufacturing high performance intake systems. Using our state-of-the-art four-wheel drive Mustang dyno, the latest live data logging software, CAD designs software to carry out multiple CFD analysis’s, we have now created and finalised the new Dreamscience Focus ST intake. As a tuning company, our key interest is creating an intake platform that allows for  maximum performance to be extracted from aftermarket software, and also performs excellently with the standard software. We specifically designed our system to have aviation grade aluminium on the bends as much as possible instead of silicone. From a manufacturing perspective, this decision was more expensive, but very essential in order minimise airflow turbulence and resistance. Allowing for faster flowing cold air, following the most efficient route to the turbo. We’ve avoided using any unnecessary acute or right-angle bends in the design, again to maximise airflow efficiency.


For more info on the Dreamscience Cold Air Intake, Click Here

Dreamscience 3″ Down Pipe (Multiple Spec’s) [Included in this package]

The Dreamscience 3″ Down pipe options are made from mandrel bent 304 grade aircraft spec stainless steel.  The High Flow Sports Cat options are equipped with an E-Marked, 200cell (metal substrate) catalytic convertor.  All systems have been designed and manufactured by engineers in the U.K with the catalytic convertors sourced within Europe. We have equipped each system with a threaded boss for the standard oxygen sensor. What does all this mean? In summary, you have the choice of several top tier down pipe systems!

When developing this component, we made sure we achieved several key factors. Optimum PerformanceSharped SoundA High Quality Finish. We found this particular replacement makes one of the biggest differences in performance when changed, as this the most restrictive part in the standard exhaust system. Therefore, this upgrade allows the turbo to spool greater and faster, thus increasing acceleration and power. This will also improve your ST’s throttle response and the overall torque output.

You’ll also be pleased to know, this catalytic converter meets European emission regulations. Plus, Each system is individually etched with homologation details and manufacture dates!

The Dreamscience Turbo Downpipe (s) are now using Thermo-Encapsulation. (Where specified). The Encapsulation technology used is the most adaptable metal encapsulation system for insulated exhaust and charge air pipes, with a lightweight outer shell made from embossed stainless steel foil that’s just 0.4mm thick. This is formed into shape using in-house designed and produced tools and jigs.

Specified insulation material is cut and applied directly on to the pipework provided. The formed stainless steel shells are then fitted around the insulation and securely welded together and on to the pipe, forming the protective outer covering.

This insulation will reduce Exhaust temperature emission and stop heat soak to all surrounding components by up to 80%!!! This will help reduce intake temperatures, and improve Engine performance and reliability. We cannot encourage the use of this option enough.

Please note – De Cat Down Pipes are not road legal and will not pass an MOT. However, the Sports Cat Down Pipes will pass an MOT.

Iridium Spark Plugs  [Not Included In This Package  – Optional Extra+ £52.99]

EcoBoost engines running substantially higher boost pressure or increased levels of tuning compared to the OE power output can experience reduced spark plug life resulting in lower engine performance, misfires and rough idle. Increased wear is typically seen in the form of increased spark plug gap and degradation of the electrode. Using spark plugs that are optimized for increased power ensures maximum performance. A recommended upgrade for this package but not mandatory.

*Each set is supplied pre-gapped by Dreamscience to 0.65mm to optimize the setting and allow for easier end-user installation.*

For more info on the Iridium Spark plugs, Click Here

Fitting Service.

Fitting is available at our HQ. If fitting is required, please select this option in the product drop down before you check out and a member of staff will contact you to arrange a suitable booking date.

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**Important Notice**

Running the Ultima-RS (Stage 2) software without the correct hardware may result in failure to achieve the quoted power / torque figures, abnormal running, detrimental fuel consumption or engine warning light illumination or, in extreme circumstances, damage to and / or failure of the Engine.