Dreamscience ST225 Stage 4 Package.

£5355 (£5,355.00 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available
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Eibach ST225 Lowering Springs 20/30
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Dreamscience ST225 Stage 4 Package.

£5355 (£5,355.00 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Oil and Filter Upgrade *

Deluxe ECU Mount

Rolling Road (Hull UK)

Ceramic Black Exhaust Tips

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Add Newman PH2 Cams

Adding the Cams to your build will make the car breathe and make a smoother bhp curve with better peak BHP. We remove the Cylinder head and re-shim the cam followers to ensure 100% Performance.

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Product Description

Dreamscience ST Stage 4 Package.

Tune your Focus ST225 to DS Stage 4!
UP TO 380 Bhp and 410FtLb of torque…. THIS PACKAGE IS FITTED ONLY. This price includes labour charges!

The Dreamscience ST Stage 4 Tuning Upgrade kit takes the Focus ST to a whole new level! Including all of our Stage 3 Modifications but also with the addition of a Turbo upgrade, an uprated Oil cooler, Fuel pump and uprated Bosch 550cc multi hole injectors. Full fitting and individual setup of your vehicle is included in this amazing price. Also includes new down pipe bolts, gasket, turbo copper washer seals, and new turbo exhaust manifold gasket.

The Dreamscience  ST Stage 4 Tuning Upgrade kit includes:

Dreamscience DS-AET- K16/K24 Hybrid turbo upgrade – Dreamscience have worked closely with AET-Turbos over the last 12 months to co-develop a hybrid turbo upgrade for the Focus ST225 which develops great performance, reliability and value for money. This set up includes a K16 Turbo with a K24 turbine and compressor wheel. We have also incorporated a Forge actuator and Forge Motorsport re-circulating dump valve to this turbo unit, plus the entire unit has been ported and polished to increase the overall efficiency of the unit. After intensive testing and many specification changes we have now signed off the DS-AET- K16/K24 Hybrid turbo upgrade.

Please note that this is a turbo exchange, we will retain your existing turbo.

Bosch 550cc multi hole injectors x 5 – These are Brand new Bosch injectors and a direct replacement for the standard 330cc Focus ST injectors. These injectors are used as part of our stage 4 kit as from testing the standard injectors start to become inefficient at around 316Bhp +/- depending on temperature, commanded lambda, barometric pressure etc. These new injectors are a MUST for the new Stage 4 kit as you will notice an increase in performance in the mid range and at high rpm which is complimented with a smoother power delivery. (In all cases any injector bigger than 550cc will not run correctly and are unnecessary. The RS 440cc can also work but are more suited to stage 3 cars (RS Injectors will also require a different version of Turbo X to run correctly). At 355+ real Bhp we still hold 11.5 to 1 AFR with the 550cc injector so any bigger is unnecessary and will not run as well.

Focus RS MK2 Oil cooler – The Focus ST225 from standard has a small oil cooler unit which is located just above the rear part of the sump. We are now offering an upgrade which is a direct replacement from the Focus RS MK2, this bigger oil cooler is very simple in design and easy to install while offering an improved ability to reduce oil temperatures for cars running big power or doing track days. This cooler is a mandatory piece of kit for the Stage 4 upgrade and a great option for all other stages. There are 2 variants of the standard oil cooler produced by the manufacturer so when ordering we will contact you to establish if your model need any modified pipes or not, the majority don’t.

TXX ECU remap – The TXX map has been developed to offer maximum performance while maintaining reliability and efficiency, as described by Performance Ford, “It’s designed to perform and feel as if it’s original factory fitment”. To use the TXX map it is mandatory to have 550cc injectors, an uprated oil cooler, and the DS TXX Turbo upgrade, we have not tested this on any other variant and have no plans to. The TXX map power delivery is designed to keep climbing as you go through the rev range, there is no massive lump in the low to mid range followed by the disappointment of losing all your power and boost. This map holds above 300Ftlb from 2000 rpm to just above 6500 rpm and has a very progressive / flat torque curve. As can be seen by the dyno graph TXX is controlled at low rpm to help a sensible torque figure which ensures the drive train is kept safe and in tact and as the rpm climbs all hell breaks loose. The biggest challenge when writing the new map over the last 12 months was to keep things sensible yet powerful. By using the 550cc injectors we are able to slightly over fuel the car to a steady commanded lambda of 11.5 to 1, this helps keep the cylinders cooler and also allows us to use more advanced ignition tables.

340lph Fuel pump unit. including RS Sender unit.
We have a off the shelf answer to fuelling your high powered Focus RS Mk2, this fuel pump upgrade is a straight swap for your standard pump unit and utilises a 340-litres per hour fuel pump!
Please note, we now only supply brand new fuel pumps.
If fitting to ST, you are required to bend fuel pump float – ST ONLY!

Dreamscience Induction Kit – Including a DS Dry Charge Air Filter plus our specially selected Samco hoses. A 3″ intake conversion passing over the cam cover and onto the N/S Wheel arch. Place here to maximise Cold air intake and maintain a dense air intake. This ensures the best air is fed into the engine.

Dreamscience Intercooler – Our hand built Intercooler will reduce your exit temperature by up to 44 degrees! Essential for a heavily modified engine.

Dreamscience 3 inch Full Exhaust System – Stainless steel 3 inch Turbo Downpipe, De-Cat or 200 Cell (or 100 Cell) Race Cat and Cat Back with 4 inch slash cut tips. Ceramic Black tips be can be added for an extra £60.00

Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs – Improve your handling with our upgraded springs set.

Whiteline Rear anti roll bar  – Reduces body roll and make a substantial difference your cars handling characteristic.

Optional Oil and Filter Change (strongly advised)

Select our optional oil and filter change below to finish off your Dreamscience Stage 4 performance package. With the modifications carried out it’s obvious that the standard oil and filters fitted to your car will not suit the power increase. We’ll supply and fit superior grade oil and filters (Fuchs Titan Pro S 5W 40 ester based grade 5 race oil) to help protect your engine under the new higher performance levels you’ll be achieving.

Optional Deluxe ECU Mount

While fitting your Dreamscience Stage 3 Kit why not add a fully compatible RS mk2 ECU Mount?
This ECU Mount gives the engine bay more of a standard/tidy look, whilst protecting the delicate ECU from any water ingress.

Delivery Options
This product is currently only available for sale in the UK. Delivery is not available, as fitting is included so your vehicle must be brought to our development centre in Hull, UK. For customers outside the UK, you are welcome to contact your local dealer to find out more.


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  • K16/K24 hybrid turbo
  • 35Lb/min Billet compressor wheel with extended tip technology
  • CNC re-profiled compressor cover
  • Ported compressor cover inlet
  • AET bespoke motorsport 6 pad thrust bearing assembly
  • Total seal turbine piston ring seal for low back pressure exhaust systems
  • Modified Seal plate to match hi-flow compressor wheel
  • Cut back turbine exducer blades for better flow @ high RPM ranges
  • Forge T2 actuator with blue spring
  • Forge re circulating dump valve with yellow spring
  • Ported inlet manifold matched to manifold gasket
  • Enlarged and ported wastegate
  • Core assembly VSR balanced to motorsport specifications
  • Fully blue printed to motorsport specs
  • Dreamscience Induction Kit – Including a DS Air Filter plus our specially selected Samco hoses.
  • Dreamscience Intercooler – will reduce your exit temperature by up to 44 degrees! Essential for a heavily modded car.
  • Dreamscience 3 inch Full Exhaust System – Stainless steel 3 inch Turbo Downpipe, 200 Cell (or 100 Cell) Race Cat and Cat Back with 4 inch slash cut tips.
  • Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs – Improve your handling with our upgraded springs set.
  • White Line Rear Anti Roll Bar
  • Optional Rolling Road