ST225 / RS MK2 Engine Forging [FITTED @ DSHQ]

£3099 (£2,582.50 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

ST225 / RS MK2 Engine Forging [FITTED @ DSHQ]

£3099 (£2,582.50 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

Kevlar Cam Belt upgrade.

Upgrade to a Gates Racing Cam Belt.

Add ARP Cylinder Head Bolts.

Superior Clamp force over OEM Bolts.

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Product Description

ST225 / RS MK2 Engine Forging [FITTED @ DSHQ]

A part of our ENGINE SHOP range.

Dreamscience ST225 / RS MK2 Engine Forging kit. *THIS PRICE INCLUDES FITTING*

  • This package is rated to 550BHP – 600BHP. (Reinforcing the block becomes essential for ST/RS’ running higher power than this)

At Dreamscience We believe that Engine reliability should always be considered before making any attempts at tuning your engine close to any mechanical limit. We always advise our customers to consider forging as soon as they can.

This piston is a direct replacement for the standard part, and maintains many of the standard dimensions, including the 9.0:1 compression ratio. We are seeing a lot of high mileage engines arriving with us at DSHQ and due to this we have made sure that we have changed our mechanical inspections and checks. these checks include liner wear and ovality checks, deck top checks, crank journal wear checks.

As part of the PMI Group alongside JE Pistons and K1 Technologies Wiseco Pistons tend to be the preferred source when mass produced replacement pistons are required. In this case for the Focus RS ST225/RSMk2 Wiseco were approached to make specifically for the EU market with a unique part number a piston to meet the needs of the tuning market place.

Wiseco Pistons have been mass producing the 9.0:1 Comp ratio piston as used by the Focus ST and most of the performance Volvo variants for many years but when demand rose for the lower compression RS unit they were able to cover that product also.

K1 Rods.

  • Heat treated, X-rayed, sonic tested, magna-fluxed, stress relieved.
  • certified 4340 steel 2-piece forgings for increased strength.
  • machined with extremely tight tolerances.
  • bronze bushings for floating pins.
  • Important weight savings.
  • Ready to run, installation instruction and bolt lubricant included.
  • Can be used with OE FRS 2 Ford / Volvo Piston be used with our Piston for correct fit.

The Ultimate High performance connecting rods at last for the Focus ST225/ RS Mk2

These are some of the highest quality rods on the market, They are only for fitment with standard pistons or Wiseco pistons

They are fitted as standard with ‘ARP’ rod bolts, recognized as the best available.

These new Focus RS Connecting Rods are manufactured from a TWO-PIECE FORGING. The forging process forces the grain into the shape of a connecting rod, resulting in a superior fatigue life. The rod cap is forged separately so that the grain runs perpendicular to the load forces, which strengthens the connecting rod. Many aftermarket connecting rods are manufactured from 4340 steel. 4340 specs allow a range of different materials to achieve the desired results. Although it is a more expensive process, these contain a higher content of nickel & chrome, which increases the strength & fatigue life without making the connecting rod brittle.

Proper rod bolt torque is vital to connecting rod life. A rod bolt fastener is without question the highest stressed fastener in the engine.

See the process here!

Fitting info: 

Our Experienced Techs will take good care of your ST /RS whilst it is with us. We Follow a strict procedure for each job to ensure a high level of quality is delivered.
This Procedure is below:
– Protect Vehicle Steering wheel with Cover.
– Protect Seats with Cover.
– Pre-work test Drive to fault find before we carry out work.
– Pull in, lift and Strip Vehicle.
– Book out parts and Fit.
– Rebuild
– Road test, check over.
– Final Clean down and Handover.

Technical Assistance. 

For fitting tips and advice please call our technical helpline on +44 1482 224433 to speak with one of our Qualified Technicians or email in on

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The Dreamscience Engine forging kit comes with all of the parts required to forge your engine. Including the following:

– 9.0:1 or 8.5:1 Forged Wiseco Pistons.

– K1 Technologies Forged Connecting Rods.

– Ford OEM Bottom End Bearings.

– Stainless Steel Shims x 4

– Ford Head Gasket x 1

– Both aux belts x 2

– Ford Cambelt x 1

– Ford Cambelt Tensioner x 1

– Ford Cambelt Pulley x 1

– Ford Turbo Coolant/Oil Feed Washers*

– OEM Camshaft seals x 2

– OEM Turbo manifold gasket x 1

– Coolant change x 1

– Oil and filter change, Castrol Edge 0W 40 x 1

– Water pump replaced x 1

– Head bolts replaced

– Variable cam seals replaced x 2

– Outer spark plug seals replaced x 5

– Labour included

– Free smoke test and vehicle IDS diagnostic