FOCUS RS MK3 Stage 3 [420BHP+]

£2995 (£2,495.83 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available
The image shows a white background with the DSRS Focus MK3 Cat Back ExhaustRS Mk3 intake system
The image shows a white background with the DSRS Focus MK3 Cat Back Exhaust
RS Mk3 intake system

FOCUS RS MK3 Stage 3 [420BHP+]

£2995 (£2,495.83 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Product Description

FOCUS RS MK3 Stage 3 [420BHP+]

The pinnacle of tuning packages for the Focus RS MK3 – stock turbo set up. Parts include;

A closely developed combination of modifications, designed specifically to work in unison to truly maximise performance from your RS. The DS-Ultima-3+ boasts peak power of 425Bhp and still achieves 430FtLb of torque across a longer range, this map really is the ultimate for those looking to maximise every ounce of potential from their car. We are delighted to announce that once again, we have raised the bar in the tuning world to establish not only a top contender but the successor of tuning packages available for the stock turbo set-up.

This package has been developed for just over 12 months with rigorous tests in multiple climates and varying conditions to ensure safety, reliability, driveability and most importantly consistency. The tune leading the package- DS-Ultima 3+ comes with launch control permanently enabled at the optimum rpm point and 1st gear torque adjustment to decimate any rival from a standstill, and then with the mighty punch of power thereafter to keep propelling you through the gears.


Looking at the dyno graph you will see DS-Ultima-3+ comes onto boost faster with no delay or flat spot at all and holds a strong torque curve until nearly 5000 rpm, we achieve peak horsepower at just over 5500 rpm where the power will start to drop slightly as this is full duty cycle and effectively maximum power although it’s worth noting at 5800 rpm we are still making 418Bhp.

This is why the dyno graph looks far more traditional with power constantly climbing until it reaches a peak and then starts to drop off as once a closed turbo wastegate is achieved, optimum timing, fuel mix and an open throttle with no intervention this is the maximum potential of the engine, there is no magic table or tune that can make any extra performance!

You will notice that when running through the gears at full throttle you will achieve maximum turbo wastegate, but if you do long pulls from low rpm in a gear we are able to use less wastegate as the charge system using the TIP “Throttle Inlet Pressure” is still able to achieve our demanded load. Part throttle on the new Ultima-3+ map has also been edited to be sharper with more urgency.

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