2.3 Piper Cams Double Spring Kit [Focus RS MK3]

£404.13 (£336.78 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

2.3 Piper Cams Double Spring Kit [Focus RS MK3]

£404.13 (£336.78 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Product Description

2.3 Piper Cams Double Spring Kit [Focus RS MK3]

Double Spring Kit To Suit Ford EcoBoost 2.3 16v. Inc: Spring Caps, Oil Seals & Spring Seats.

Double valve springs offer several advantages over single valve springs when it comes to engine performance. Here are some of the key benefits of fitting double valve springs to an engine:

  1. Improved Valve Control: Double valve springs provide better control over the valves, which is particularly important at high RPMs. With double valve springs, the valves are less likely to bounce or float, which can cause damage to the engine and limit its performance.
  2. Increased RPM Range: Double valve springs can allow the engine to rev higher and maintain higher RPMs without the risk of valve float. This can lead to improved performance and more power, especially in high-performance engines.
  3. Better Durability: Double valve springs are designed to handle higher stress loads and can provide better durability compared to single valve springs. This can be particularly beneficial for engines that are subjected to extreme conditions, such as racing or high-performance applications.
  4. More Aggressive Cam Profiles: Double valve springs can allow for the use of more aggressive cam profiles, which can improve engine performance by increasing valve lift and duration. These cam profiles can provide more power and torque across a wider RPM range.
  5. Improved Engine Response: Double valve springs can also provide improved engine response by reducing valve float and improving valve timing. This can result in faster acceleration, better throttle response, and improved drivability.

Overall, the 2.3 piper cams double spring kit will provide a significant performance boost for high-performance engines, particularly those that operate at high RPMs. By improving valve control, increasing the RPM range, and allowing for more aggressive cam profiles, double valve springs can help engines produce more power, more reliably.


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