[BMW M140i] Stage 1 Tuning package.

£515 (£429.17 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available
Bootmod 3M140i Stage 1
Bootmod 3
M140i Stage 1

[BMW M140i] Stage 1 Tuning package.

£515 (£429.17 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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OTS (Off-The-Shelf)

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Includes Ethernet to OBD cable, and Either iPhone/Samsung adaptor.

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Product Description

[BMW M140i] Stage 1 Tuning package.

At Dreamscience HQ, we have spent the last 12 months developing our own stage one package for the B58 engine. Our Stage 1 upgrade for the M140i/M240i turbo charged engines is a software only option that offers a massive increase in power and torque, through the vehicles carefully re-calibrated Powertrain control module.

What Exactly can I expect from this Bootmod3 Tuning Option?

Bootmod3 is the Most Advanced and Widely Adopted cloud-based flash tuning platform for the BMW F and G series vehicles.

OTS (Off-The-Shelf) Mapping is a popular, convenient, and proven way to extract serious power from the B58 engine. Tens of thousands of miles, and numerous months of rigorous development go into each OTS Tune, to ensure a dramatic increase over standard figures without disrupting the drivability or reliability.

Besides the ferocious performance increase (420bhp), this OTS Stage 1 Tuning Package also offers a range of advanced ‘CustomROM features’ the end user has continuous access to. Such features include;

  • Anti-Lag – build boost while stationary or rolling by using steering wheel cruise button press and the Accelerator pedal allowing for insta-boost when roll racing or launching
  • Map Switching  – On-The-Fly using steering wheel cruise control buttons. Flash the vehicle once and have access to 4 switchable maps on the steering wheel changing the calibration entirely from one map slot to the next
  • Flex Fuel Tuning  – Tune for any Ethanol blend by having a Flex Fuel sensor report Ethanol % to the engine control unit (DME) and have it manage the tune from regular petrol (0% Ethanol) to 100%, without re-flashing.
  • New Map Editor – advanced tuning editor with close to 5000 tuning tables available
  • Datalogging of over 80 advanced (RAM) channels and hundreds of others available at highest throughput of any tool available on the market today.
  • Ethanol In-Dash Indicator – software changes applied to the DME to allow checking of your Ethanol content as reported by the Flex Fuel Sensor in the vehicle’s dash on the RPM gauge (e.g. 2000rpm = 20% ethanol, 5500rpm = 55% ethanol)
  • Transmission Torque Limiter disabled in software
  • For more details on CustomROM click HERE

Customers who opt for In-Store Installation?

  • Contact will be made via email or telephone to arrange a suitable booking date
  • On the day of the appointment, a member of our Tuning/ Calibration department can run through any questions you may have.
  • A free health of the vehicle will be included, before and after tuning.
  • This includes data-logging relevant parameters
  • The Customer will also have the option to upgrade to a Rolling Road Session (if requested)
  • A free interior mini-valet is also Included with this option.

Customers who opt for the Tuning License to be Sent via Email?

  • Once your order is completed, a member of our Tuning/ Calibration team will send the Bootmod3 tuning license via email.
  • The email with the tuning license shall include all necessary instructions to install the license from your Laptop/ PC onto your vehicle
  • The customer can activate the Custom Ron features using their steering wheel. (as mentioned above).
    **Access to a PC, Laptop, or Smart Phone is required for this option **

If you have any questions about this product/service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team on or 01482 224433.

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  • OTS Boot Mod 3 Remap (Up-to 420bhp)
  • In-Store Installation Available (HU3 4RB)
  • Remote Tuning Available (via Email)
  • Remote Tuning can be installed via Smart Phone, PC or Laptop
  • Optional Cable Kit for your BM3 interface.
  • Optional Rolling Road
  • Free Health Check with In-Store Installations
  • Free Interior Clean with In-Store Installations

OTS Mapping [Up-To]

70 Horse Power

M140i Stage 1