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Ford Fiesta Remap — Stage 1

Dreamscience is the home of quality remaps, such as the Ford Fiesta remap shown above. We are known for our tuning specialities on a range of Ford models including the Fiesta ST

The Development of Stage 1 Tuning

The integrity we have embedded into our stage 1 tune files means they are not as two-dimensional as performance figures set out on a dyno sheet. We have worked continuously with our partner SCT to oversee tune developments and to ensure that we use the latest device hardware technology available on the market.

Team of Experts

Combined with our unrivalled Ford Fiesta remap expertise and experience, we have developed a tuning method that makes sure there is no unnecessary stress on the engine or other components of the vehicle. 

During development, the Dreamscience stage 1 tune files were analysed and reviewed by a team of over 10 tuning experts to achieve a combination of optimum performance, smooth power delivery and reliability to certify that the vehicle will not be pushed beyond its maximum capabilities. 

Utilising Leading Technology

As Ford tuning specialists, we only use unique, market-leading technology.  The tuning handset that we utilise is the iMap-E6 ‘plug n play’ Device.

IMAP-E6 Tuning Handset

The iMap-E6 device allows a vehicle to be returned to its factory settings in a matter of minutes, even if another map is currently on the vehicle. Unlike the competitor equivalent tuning options, the iMap-E6  avoids the reset of critical information such as the ignition counter when returning back to stock which is especially helpful prior to any dealership work. Therefore, making the iMap-E6  the closest to a ‘warranty friendly’ device for Fiesta ST Tuning

However, even with the use of leading technology such as the iMap-E6, our stage 1 does not lose the ST’s OEM heritage and benefits. When the vehicle is driven in ‘standard’ mode, eco features such as stop/start are still active, but when the sport/race button is activated, the magic begins. 

Through our expertly developed stage 1 tuning options, we have developed an exceptional reputation. We can proudly say over our decades in the industry, we have sold over 20,000 stratagem tuning handsets. 

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