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Unleash Your MK3’s Potential With Focus RS Tuning

All of Ford’s UK super fans (including Dreamscience) know that the Ford Focus RS is a hatchback hero in the world of motorsports. With impressive power, handling and distinctive style, it stands apart from other hatchbacks that are on the market.

The launch of Ford Focus RS.

The Ford Focus RS was launched in 2002, as part of the Ford Performance range, and has been frequently updated and enhanced to ensure that it could compete with the best sports and performance cars available at the time; these modifications made the Focus RS a popular choice for motorsport enthusiasts and is still popular to this day.

More recently, motorsport enthusiasts are likely to purchase the 2002 Focus RS as a collectable or point their interest towards the latest Focus MK3, which was the third generation Ford Focus RS launched in 2016. Ford’s MK3 Focus RS was introduced to the market as a high-performance vehicle and ended up arriving with upgrades that went beyond the expectations of what many envisioned it would be. 

Although anticipated, the MK3 had a stylish look and was more powerful than expected, delivering outright power of 345bhp and 325 lb-ft of torque from the 2.3-litre EcoBoost Turbo powertrain. Four-wheel drive was also introduced for the first time, which allowed the car to go from 0 to 60 in less than 4.7 seconds, achieving a top speed of 165mph. 

MK3 – Made for modification. 

Unlike its predecessors, the Focus MK3 was able to offer a more personalised experience for each of its customers. With more options, additional features and packs available, this type of Focus RS was capable of being tailored to your motorsport needs. 

Furthermore, each generation of the Focus RS range has been great for modification, which is why we provide a range of Focus RS Tuning services; unleashing your MK3’s maximum potential whilst offering specialist support from our team of Ford tuning experts. 

At Dreamscience, we understand the importance of personalising your driving experience, especially when you’re looking to modify the aesthetic and performance of your vehicle. Whether it’s bearings, filters or a new forged 2.0 long block for your Focus MK3 RS, you can rest assured that we’ll have the modifications to achieve the performance you want. 

If you’re interested in our Focus RS MK3 Tuning or Focus RS Remap services, contact us via +44 (0)1482 224433 or email at

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