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taking tuning to new heights...

featuring the world famous stratagem tunes!

DSCI = Dream Science Computer Interface. This revolutionary and easy to use tuning package gives our customers the ability to program their car in minutes with any of our legendary STRATAGEM tune files.

dsci LITE Tuning Platform


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dsci Tuning Platform


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dsci ELITE Tuning Platform


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Additionally individual tune files, data logging software, vehicle options (Auto door locking) and multi car tuning packages can be downloaded direct from our online dscipowered store. DSCI customers will therefore have access to new tune files when they are released by us and participating dealers.

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  • Turbo X Launched !!!

    Mod X - New ST225 Tune

    Dreamscience New Stage 4 has arrived for the Focus ST225 

    Turbo X Upgrade Package Launched for Focus ST225... (350Bhp & 380FtLb)


    (Includes, New AET-DS-K06 Turbo, RS Mk2 440cc Injectors, RS Mk2 Oil Cooler & Turbo X re-map)

    Introducing Dreamscience’s latest calibration for our stage 4 upgrade. The Turbo X map is our most powerful to date and incorporates over 5 years of development and extensive testing. Combined with our Stage 4 upgrade kit, the Turbo X map is truly in a league of its own, delivering a reliable 350 Bhp and 380Ftlb of torque with a flat WRC style torque curve, this map truly is the ultimate experience for the ST225. As per the Performance Ford front cover feature November 2011  our test car out performed Stage 3 RS Mk2’s to 60 and to 100 mph with GPS timing proving the mighty punch Turbo X really delivers.

    This map is ONLY calibrated for use with the DS-AET-K06 Hybrid turbo, RS MK2 440cc Injectors and Oil cooler. Customers with existing / similar hybrid turbo upgrades can use this tune file but must ensure they have a Forge actuator (Blue spring) and Forge internal re-circ (Yellow spring) set up on their turbo for correct operation.


    Focus ST225 running our Mod X tune

    Click here to buy the Turbo X tune file for your dsci, or Stratagem Ultra

    (Support for the older Stratagem will be added soon)

    As can be seen from the Stage 4 Turbo X graph we have commanded a torque curve which does not give an uncontrolled boost spike in the low revs, (This protects the drive train and helps to maintain the clutch). Once 3500rpm is achieved we introduce more boost / power and build the torque curve up again to 380 / 385Ftlb at 4500rpm. The massive achievement here is the ability to hold above 305 Ftlb from 2500rpm to 6000rpm making the stage 4 map very hard to keep up with on the road. The fuel is set at a commanded 11.5 to 1 Air to fuel ratio which is deliberately on the rich side, this helps to keep the cylinders cool and allows the engine to run high power levels with higher safety. The Bhp on this graph maxes at 347Bhp and climbs steadily all the way up the rev range, on the road with better cooling this figure will be evn higher.

    From doing some economy testing on the road the stage 4 set up can still achieve 30 to 35mpg on the cruise at 70 to 75Mph so perfectly acceptable as an every day drive and as described by the Performance Ford feature, this car drives like it has just rolled out of the factory. 


    Development of the new AET-DreamScience-K06 Hybrid Turbo

    Dreamscience Automotive Ltd have spent the last 12 months developing the new K06 Turbo upgrade, manufactured to our specification by AET Turbos. This turbo is based on the original K04 turbo found on the Focus ST225 but we have made several upgrades and improvements to help make this new system more powerful, efficient and capable of producing the required power outputs for our stage 4 kit. This new AET-DS-K06 Turbo includes

    • K04/06 hybrid turbo

    • 35Lb/min Billet compressor wheel with extended tip technology

    • CNC re-profiled compressor cover

    • Ported compressor cover inlet

    • AET bespoke motorsport 6 pad thrust bearing assembly

    • Total seal turbine piston ring seal for low back pressure exhaust systems

    • Modified Seal plate to match hi-flow compressor wheel

    • Cut back turbine exducer blades for better flow @ high RPM ranges

    • Forge T2 actuator with blue spring

    • Forge recirc valve with yellow spring

    • Ported inlet manifold matched to manifold gasket

    • Enlarged and ported wastegate

    • Core assembly VSR balanced to motorsport specifications

    • Fully blue printed to motorsport specs


    Here is a small extract from the current issue of Performance Ford where Dreamscience were given the full front cover to demonstrate the true might of our new Turbo X stage 4 upgrade

    "As you can see from the results table, we weren’t exaggerating when we said that thisST was able to keep pace with a Conti GT up to a ton! A best time of 5.5-seconds to 60mph was impressive enough, but 12-secs to 100mph was mighty and is certainly on a par to the Mountune MP350 we tested back in the June 2010 issue (0-60 in 5.5-secs, 0-100 in 12.5-secs) and BBR’s RS380 Mk2 RS that we timed in the November 2010 issue (0-60 in 5.7, 0-100 in12.3-secs)."

    Click on the magazine cover below to discover more....

    Turbo Pic 


    *NB Buying tunes for the Stratagem Ultra and dsci Tuning Platform is via our website. You must be registered and logged in to the dscipowered website to view prices and buy tunes.


  • Bonus Tunes for DSCI Elite

    Bonus Tunes for DSCI Elite

    Bonus Tunes!

    Our DSCI Elite package for the ST225 now includes two additional tunes - MOD B+ and our world famous MOD X!

    Click here for more information on the DSCI Elite!

  • T-Shirts Now Available

    dreamscience T-Shirts

    Now Available!

    We now have stock of our dreamscience branded Polo T-Shirts, in black with our logo embroidered front and back. Available in Medium and Large.

    Click here to buy your T-Shirt today!

  • New Products

    New Products!

    We've added some new products to our online store, click here to find out more about our new Stratagem Ultra RS mk1, RS mk2 Exhaust with De-Cat, and Timken Bearings!

  • dreamscience have moved

    We have moved!

    We have relocated the technical development and engineering segments to a new premesis in Stoke, and have installed a brand new, custom built facility in Hull just for specialist fitting, mail orders and deliveries, including dyno facility too.

  • Pipercross In Stock

    Pipercross In Stock

    We now offer Pipercross products in our Induction categories for Focus ST, Focus RS mk2 and Fiesta ST150 alongside our K&N products. Check out the new products for your car here:

  • dsci vs Stratagem Ultra
    dsci Tuning Platform vs Stratagem Ultra

    With our two exciting tuning platforms now available the only real dilemma is which one do you choose? Read on for more details on the differences between the dsci Tuning Platform and the Stratagem Ultra handset...

  • Announcing the Stratagem Ultra
    Stratagem Ultra

    Building on the success of our dsci Tuning Platform we've teamed up with leading hardware engineers Drewtech to include our tunes on their DashDaq II datalogging handset.

  • Our new development RS mk2...
    The new dsci Focus RS!

    When Ford released their new Focus RS mk2, we couldn't resist and had to get one. Here are some pictures of our new toy. We're not just cruising though, we're already deep inside the ECU setting up all the tables and parameters for our first mind blowing RS mk2 tune to be released shortly!

  • dscipowered Store open!

    The dscipowered online store is now open, click here to visit and purchase tunes and upgrades for your dsci Tuning Platform!

    Note you need to have purchased dsci Tuning Platform and have access to your dongle code to register.

  • Free Laptop Offer
    Free Laptop Offer

    To celebrate the launch of the dsci Tuning Platform, which requires the use of a laptop to tune your car, dreamscience have teamed up with leading online retailers Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse and to bring you some great deals on laptops and peripherals.

  • First look at the dsci...

    dreamscience are proud to announce our new product for 2009.

    The new system comprises our unique dongle along with custom developed PC based software which connects you directly to your ECU via the OBD2 port. Also planned for the future is the option to connect to your vehicle wirelessly!

    Our first three products in the dsci range are scheduled for launch in the next few weeks - Stratagem, Stratagem Pro (for up to 3 vehicles) and Stratagem Dealer (to develop your own tune delivery).

  • Important Announcement
    Important Announcement

    dreamscience are proud to announce our new product for 2009. This no-longer based on SCT hardware. We will still support SCT hardware from customers and dealers that is already in use. Click below to read more...

  • Xmas Opening Hours

    These are our opening hours over the Xmas period, and also the last dates you should order your purchase by if you want to receive it before Xmas day! Any orders placed while we are on annual closure will be shipped when we re open. Any fitting work can still be booked and we will call you to arrange fitting days when we return.


    Last Postage Dates

      UK Friday, 19th December 2014
    EU (European Union) Friday, 19th December 2014
    ROW (Rest Of World) Friday, 19th December 2014


    Opening Hours

      Monday, 15th December 2014 09:00 - 17:30
    Tuesday, 16th December 2014 09:00 - 17:30
    Wednesday, 17th December 2014 09:00 - 17:30
    Thursday, 18th December 2014 09:00 - 17:30
    Friday, 19th December 2014 09:00 - 17:30
    Saturday 20th December 2014 09:00 - 13:00
    Monday, 22nd Dec to Sunday 4th January CLOSED
    Monday, 5th January 2014 09:00 - 17:30

    After Monday 5th January 2014 our trading hours will revert to normal (09:00 - 17:30). Please note dreamscience are not open on Sundays and generally work alternate Saturdays.

    All at dreamscience wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

    dreamscience Xmas Deals

  • Rolling Road Day
    dreamscience Rolling Road Day

    Congratulations to Andrew Menzies whose modified Focus ST225 achieved a quarter mile time of 13.42s!

    Click the more details button below to see the full results and power graphs!

  • Announcing....DSci

    dreamscience are proud to announce our new product for 2009, dsci – dreamscience computer interface.

  • Dyno Day
    Dyno Days at dreamscience

    Have you made modifications to your car but not sure exactly how much power you've gained? Or how much torque you are pulling? Find the answers at our Dyno Day run from our development centre in Hull.

    Each run takes on average 20 minutes to complete, so why not get a group of friends along to get a true indication on your cars and modifications!

    Next Dyno Day: 31st January 2009

    ** Sorry, fully booked! **

    Find out more about our Dyno Days or book your timeslot here.

  • New Website Launch
    New Website Launch

    dreamscience are proud to announce the launch of our new website! There's many features already in place and even more to come, so keep us bookmarked over the coming weeks to see what we've got planned!

  • Check Your Serial
    Check your serial number here

    It has come to our attention that there are a number of units on the market that have not been produced by dreamscience. Please note that unless you buy your unit from a registered dealer or via dreamscience direct then we cannot guarantee that you are buying our original product.

    You can check your serial number against our database of known units by filling in the form below. We will not collect any data from this process. Please allow up to 2 working days for your serial number to be checked, and we will inform you if your unit is genuine via email.

  • dreamscience Dynos
    dreamscience Dynos

    dreamscience now bring you high spec and reference quality dynamometers at amazingly low prices. We offer above and below ground fixtures, as well as 2WD, 4WD and Motorcycle facilities. To find out more click here.

    Getting great results from dreamscience custom tuning software requires a great dyno !

  • Unique, Powerful and Advanced
    Ford Focus RS 2009

    We have been furiously at work behind the scenes developing our Ford software tuning solutions for the U.K and European market in partnership with SCT USA. It's a fact that the manufacturers invest millions of pounds in the initial development and calibration of their cars software, and then launch a package which gives regulated funnysettings, safety, performance and most critically power outputs.

    At Dreamscience we have the unique ability to address and re-program your Fords original on board computer (ECU), electronic control unit. Your original factory programme is stored in the flash unit for safe keeping, and a new performance program of your choice is now loaded in its place.

    Example, our race tune ensures your vehicle delivers its full potential with the click of a button, and you now can truly feel the maximum available power and performance from your car, with reliability, economy and safety still built in. At any time you can flash back to stock - but we bet you won't!


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