Dreamscience Block Mod ST/RS

£945 (£787.50 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available
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Dreamscience Block Mod ST/RS

£945 (£787.50 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Dreamscience Block Mod ST/RS


The Dreamscience block mod is specifically designed as a preventative measure to protect the block against cracked liners. If you are unfortunate enough to have already experienced a cracked liner, please contact us before ordering so we can discuss any repair options where possible.

A cracked liner symptoms usually is:

  • misfiring
  • loss of coolant
  • excessive white smoke

Whilst cracks are more common in modified engines, they are especially prevalent in the Ford Focus Mk2 ST225 engine due to it’s design, with an open deck and thin cylinder liners.

The Dreamscience SHIM ONLY option strengthens the areas prone to cracking, and is an ideal piece of mind option especially for those who have spent thousands modifying their cars

Whilst carrying out the work our technicians strip, remove parts and process them through our heated parts washer and recolor in silver. (If req’d). Whilst doing so all work is pictured using a digital camera. upon completion we will give these phots to you on a new Memory stick. OEM / Ford parts come with a 1-year parts only warranty.

Shim Only with OEM Water pump. Price: £945.00 including VAT

  • Stainless Steel laser cut Shims x 4
  • Ford Head Gasket x 1
  • Both OEM aux belts x 2
  • Ford OEM Cambelt x 1
  • Ford OEM Cambelt Tensioner x 1
  • Ford OEM Cambelt Pulley x 1
  • Ford OEM Camshaft seals x 2
  • Ford EM Turbo manifold gasket x 1
  • Ford super+ Coolant change x 1
  • Oil and filter change, Castrol Edge 0W 40 x 1
  • Ford OEM Oil Filter.
  • Ford OEM Sump bung Washer.
  • Ford Water pump replaced x 1 (metal impellor)
  • Head bolts x 12
  • Ford OEM Variable cam seals.
  • Ford OEM Outer spark plug seals replaced x 5
  • Labour.

Fitting info: 

Our Experienced Techs will take good care of your car whilst it is with us. We Follow a strict procedure for each job to ensure a high level of quality is delivered.

This Procedure is below:
– Protect Vehicle Steering wheel with Cover.
– Protect Seats with Cover.
– Pre-work test Drive to fault find before we carry out work.
– Pull in, lift and Strip Vehicle.
– Book out parts and Fit.
– Rebuild
– Road test, check over.
– Final Clean down and Handover.

Technical Assistance. 

For fitting tips and advice please call our tech helpline on +44 1482 224433 to speak with one of our Qualified Technicians or email in on




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