RS MK3 Stage 2 to Stage 3 Package

£945 (£787.50 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available
RS MK3 Stage 2 to Stage 3 Package
RS MK3 Stage 2 to Stage 3 Package

RS MK3 Stage 2 to Stage 3 Package

£945 (£787.50 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Product Description

RS MK3 Stage 2 to Stage 3 Package

The latest and greatest addition to our armoury of upgrades. Included is the DS-Ultima-3+ tune file, teamed up with our latest DSRS cold air intake,  forge recirculation valve and big boost pipe kit.

A closely developed combination of modifications designed to maximise performance from the RS. The DS-Ultima-3+ boasts peak power of 425Bhp and still achieves 430FtLb of torque across a longer range this map really is the ultimate for those looking to maximise every ounce of potential from their car. The stage 2 to stage 3 package is very much the top contender, if not the successor to other equivalent maps already available in the market for the stock turbo set-up.

This tune has been developed for just over 12 months with rigorous tests in multiple climates and varying conditions to ensure safety, reliability, driveability and most importantly consistency. DS-Ultima-3+ comes with launch control permanently enabled at the optimum rpm point and 1st gear torque adjustment to decimate any rival from a standstill, and then with the mighty punch of power thereafter to keep propelling you through the gears.


Looking at the dyno graph you will see DS-Ultima-3+ comes onto boost faster with no delay or flat spot at all and holds a strong torque curve until nearly 5000 rpm, we achieve peak horsepower at just over 5500 rpm where the power will start to drop slightly as this is full duty cycle and effectively maximum power although it’s worth noting at 5800 rpm we are still making 418Bhp.

This is why the dyno graph looks far more traditional with power constantly climbing until it reaches a peak and then starts to drop off as once a closed turbo wastegate is achieved, optimum timing, fuel mix and an open throttle with no intervention this is the maximum potential of the engine, there is no magic table or tune that can make any extra performance!

You will notice that when running through the gears at full throttle you will achieve maximum turbo wastegate, but if you do long pulls from low rpm in a gear we are able to use less wastegate as the charge system using the TIP “Throttle Inlet Pressure” is still able to achieve our demanded load. Part throttle on the new Ultima-3+ map has also been edited to be sharper with more urgency.

Having had numerous requests to remove the cold start program for those running de cats/ sports cats, or for those with loud exhaust systems and touchy neighbours, you shall receive two versions of the Ultima 3+ map. One without, and one with the cold start adjust. The map with the cold start assist will allow your cold start to be less dramatic and in most cases less annoying with all the noise, spluttering and jerking. This version of the new map has also addressed and fixed the hot engine lumpy / fading idle issue as standard. You will have both maps emailed to you, and will have the choice to load either map depending on individual preference.

The DSRS Cold Air Intake System

This intake has been designed to be the most efficient at delivering the maximum amount of air to your Engine, A must-have modification to get the most out of the map. This is done by diameter matched pipework, weldless bends, a 360degree intake Dry charge Air Filter and Heat Shield. This intake will make your Engine feel sharper and allow your Turbo to spool quicker and provide more boost at higher RPM without putting too much strain on the Turbo itself. Not only does the intake add power, and looks good. It also sounds incredible, it amplifies the operation of your Recirculation valve and Turbo Chatter emphatically.

The DSRS intake system will be constantly feeding your Engine with Fast flowing and cool air, this helps keep charge temps down and improves throttle response at higher speeds. This is further complemented by the Secondary Intake Scoop that connects directly to the Velossa Tech BIG mouth scoop and flows cold air directly to the Dreamscience open cone air filter.

Check out the sound on our YouTube Channel.

Forge Recirculation Valve

This is a piston design recirculation valve that is a direct replacement for the original fitment. This valve gives greater longevity than the diaphragm (OEM) valves as it benefits from being fitted with the uprated Yellow spring; built to withstand increased boost pressure from the Ultima 3+ tune file. Plus, it sounds excellent.

Big Boost Pipe Kit 

The 2.5″ big boost pipe kit is a must-have for a high powered Mk3 Focus RS. A perfect suit for the DS Ultima 3 and Ultima 3+ set up. Give your RS the best cooling and performance on the market when you team this mod up with the Dreamscience intercooler and Velossa Tech BIG Mouth scoop

Fitting Service available (Hull, UK)

Our Experienced Techs will take good care of your RS whilst it is with us. We follow a strict procedure for each job to ensure a high level of quality is delivered.
This Procedure is below:
– Protect the Vehicle Steering wheel with a Cover.
– Protect Seats with Cover.
– Pre-work test Drive to fault find before we carry out work.
– Pull in, lift and Strip Vehicle.
– Book out parts and Fit.
– Road test, check over.
– Final Clean down and Handover.

Shipping available, Worldwide 

This product is available for shipping inside the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Shipping times may vary. Extra charges may be incurred if your locations is considered Remote. If this is the case a member of our team will be in touch shortly after you have completed your order.

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  • DS Ultima 3+ software (iMap users only)
  • DSRS Cold Air Intake System (76mm) with secondary air intake
  • Forge Recirculation Valve
  • Big boost pipe kit
  • Shipping available
  • Fitting available