EBC 2 Piece Floating Brake Disc (Front) – Focus RS MK3

£902.03 (£751.69 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

EBC 2 Piece Floating Brake Disc (Front) – Focus RS MK3

£902.03 (£751.69 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Product Description

EBC 2 Piece Floating Brake Disc (Front) – Focus RS MK3

An excellent upgrade for those looking to tune their RS to high BHP or modify for a track day – Part number – SG2FC2030

EBC’s 2-Piece Floating Brake Discs offer a high-quality, light-weight 2-piece alternative to the stock brake discs on a range of high performance applications.

  • Super durable high-tech alloy rotors
  • Square-drive bobbins for even heat expansion
  • Billet aluminium bells

EBC’s 2-Piece Floating Brake Discs are super high quality 2-piece floating brake discs. Designed to stand-up to repeated hard braking cycles these are tough enough for track use, but high quality materials mean they are durable and long lasting enough for road use too.

When designing their new 2-Piece Brake Discs, EBC started with super high grade G3500 cast iron. This is the highest grade alloy available. It is extremely hard-wearing and stood up to roughly 4x the ECE R90 test-cycles as most OE-discs without signs of cracking or crazing. It’s also tough. Disc material does make a difference, especially when you are using harder wearing pad compounds. We’d expect these to stand up to some track-ready compounds where lesser discs did not.

Unusually the cooling vanes are sided on these. Many discs have the vanes on one side curving in the wrong direction. This further enhances cooling, ensuring that one side is not cooling less than the other.

The surface of these discs has spiral grooves. The grooves help de-gas the pads, preventing hot gases building up between the surface of the pad and the disc. They also sweep the surface of the pad clean of debris, ensuring good stopping even after prolonged, repeated applications of the brake pedal.

The hubs are billet machined from aerospace grade aluminium. They are anodised black for durability and corrosion resistance. Aluminium is extremely rigid and durable. It also saves weight, helping nimbler handling.

The rotors mount onto the hubs with fully stainless steel square-drive bobbins. Many 2-piece discs use zinc-plated steel for cost reasons. These are billet machined stainless steel which means they will stand up to corrosion and road-salt extremely well.

2-piece with Square-drive is a type of mounting that gives the discs room to expand outwards on their mountings whilst staying centred on the hub. This means that they can get hot and expand without warping.

The discs also come with anti-rattle clips to keep them quiet and easy to live with on-road.

EBC are offering these both as replacements for vehicles with 2-piece discs from factory, and for vehicles with 1-piece discs but big enough calipers to make these a worthwhile upgrade.

Please note – supplied as a pair unless otherwise stated.

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