Dreamscience Stage 3 ST225.

£1995 (£1,662.50 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available
stage 3 imapimap handsetEibach ST225 Lowering Springs 20/30Castrol service pack 2
stage 3
imap handset
Eibach ST225 Lowering Springs 20/30
Castrol service pack 2

Dreamscience Stage 3 ST225.

£1995 (£1,662.50 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Deluxe ECU Mount *

Samco Hose Colour *

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3″ Stainless Steel Cat Option *

Exhaust Resonated System *

3″ Stainless Steel Tips

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Product Description

Dreamscience Stage 3 ST225

Tune your Focus ST225 to Dreamscience Stage 3, get the most from your Standard Turbo!

The Dreamscience Stage 3 Tuning Upgrade kit has been specifically selected to include the best components to tune your Ford Focus ST225. Full fitting and setup of your vehicle available…

Parts included in this package.

Dreamscience Full Exhaust system. Decat pipe supplied as default. +£450.00 for Race cat.

The exhaust is constructed from 304 grade stainless steel, it is mandrel bent to ensure a smooth and unrestricted exit of gasses from the engine, this is also helped by the de cat and the 5″ Rear inline silencers.
This exhaust does not use the traditional large silencer at the rear of the vehicle as we have chosen to use two inline silencers, not only do they give a sporty sound they have a unique look and save weight.

After customer feedback, we have also taken the 2 rear in line resonators and increased their size from 4” diameter to 5” diameter, the effect of this is a softened and reduced cabin noise, especially in the cruise, while maintaining the aggressive roar and growl at the rear and outside of the car.

We have not used a conventional sports cat, instead we have incorporated a very free flowing de cat which has been thoroughly tested.

With the Dreamscience Exhaust system you have the choice between two tip styles, 4″ slash cut hard edge and 4″ slash cut rolled in

OR Add the Ceramic Black Tips to your package. + £60.00 

Dreamscience intake.

The Dreamscience ST225 CAIS  is truly a revolutionary piece of kit designed to maximise the performance of your ST225 Engine. The kit is manufactured from top high grade aluminium, mandrel bent and powder coated black. There is only one internal weld on this kit and for the most part a specialist mandrel bending machine has been used to form the turns and bends in the pipes. This kit also has rolled ends which offers better grip to the joining silicon hoses and boasts a venturi system which helps accelerate the air to the turbo inlet while providing a unique turbo note.
The Dreamscience induction kit ticks all the boxes for a quality induction kit with a uniform pipe size throughout, no 90 degree bends, no expansion chamber like in some kits which can cause part throttle flat spots and hesitation, and no part of the kit is between the radiator and block so heat soak is not an issue. This kit was designed by engineers with PHD level qualifications in physics and is intended to maximise the performance of your engine and be the most efficient system for supply unrestricted cold air to the turbo with the shortest and most direct route.
As can be seen in the illustrations below Ford themselves have followed the same design with the RS MK2 induction as this is truly the most efficient way of supplying direct, cool air to the turbo.
The lower pipe has a Dreamscience Dry charger filter rated up to 550Bhp, we also offer a Piper cross equivalent for those who prefer a non oiled filter. The cone gets a direct cold air feed from the lower right grill and is still more than high enough to avoid any water contamination.

Dreamscience Intercooler (400bhp).

The Dreamscience ST225 intercooler is a direct replacement for the OEM intercooler. The DS intercooler is hand made in the UK using the best materials available. It offers a real improvement and is an absolute must for your  modified engine.
This Intercooler went through several different designs until we found the internal high flow fin design used in all of our intercoolers.  This type of design deliveries extreme heat rejection with virtually no pressure drop. When tested against the cheaper bar and plate designs currently being sold in to the Ford market place by many other “reputable” tuning companies,  When testing the competitions coolers on our rolling road, by the third and fourth Dyno run our cooler was over 35% more efficient. Testing showed on a Remapped engine using high boost, with intake temperatures of around 140 degrees centigrade this cooler dropped the temperatures consistently to below 20 degrees centigrade

Eibach ST225 Lowering Springs 20/30

Eibach ST225 Lowering Springs 20/30

Lowers the vehicle by:
Front 20mm to 25mm
Rear 30mm to 35mm

Eibach Pro-kit Springs are the perfect answer for most popular street cars. Its Eibach’s legendary spring system that dramatically improves both a vehicles performance and appearance.

No.1 Choice for Car Enthusiasts Worldwide!
Eibach Pro-Kit springs lower your cars center of gravity reducing squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and excessive nose-dive dipping when braking. Every Eibach Pro-kit set is designed and tested by their suspension engineers and performance driving professionals.

One Shot Tune

This is a File only option to tune your PCM, this remap will dial in all the new modifications fitted to your car. The “One shot map” option included within the price requires the vehicle to be mapped at DSHQ (Hull, HU3 4RB). If you wish to have this Stage 3 package delivered rather than fitted, we shall send the Full Exhaust, induction kit, Intercooler, Springs and any additional extras (if any) via our courier services. However, the vehicle will require to come to our DSHQ to upload the Stage 3 One shot map. If this option is not possible due to distance issues or something similar, we offer the upgrade to Dreamscience iMap handset for an additional £200. The iMap contains Stage 1 to Stage 3 software pre-loaded which allows you to upload the tune file yourself. Stratagem iMap

Oil and Filter Change
Select our optional oil and filter change below to finish off your Dreamscience Stage 3 performance package. With the modifications carried out it’s obvious that the standard oil and filters fitted to your car will not suit the power increase. We’ll supply and fit superior grade oil and filters to help protect your engine under the new higher performance levels you’ll be achieving.

Optional Deluxe ECU Mount
While fitting your Dreamscience Stage 3 Kit why not add a fully compatible RS mk2 ECU Mount?
This ECU Mount gives the engine bay more of a standard/tidy look, whilst protecting the delicate ECU from any water ingress.

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  • Mod X Tune – The ultimate Stage 3 map developed by the team at Dreamscience, a characteristic evolution from the Mighty Mod C and ModB+ maps. Available for upload through a One Shot Tune or the Stratagem iMap. – The concept of the Stratagem iMap™ is to offer a simple plug and play, easy to use, attractive, yet multi-functional device that has the ability to offer customers a  wide range of Dreamscience’s own proven tune files
  • Dreamscience Induction Kit – Including a DS Air Filter plus our specially selected Samco hoses.
  • Dreamscience Intercooler – Our custom Intercooler will reduce your exit temperature by up to 44 degrees! Essential for a heavily modded car.
  • Dreamscience 3 inch Full Exhaust System – Stainless steel 3 inch Turbo Downpipe, De-cat or Optional 200 Cell (or 100 Cell) Race Cat, Cat Back with 4 inch slash cut tips.
  • Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs – Improve your handling with our upgraded springs set.