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Linered Block
Linered Block

Dreamscience ST225 Standard Build

£3995 (£3,329.17 ex vat) In Stock

Full Cylinder Head Rebuild *

See full spec list in product description

Engine Scrub in service. (Strongly advise)

Have our Head Engine Builder, Scrub your engine in for the first 250 miles. This service includes, Fuel to scrub in, time and Engine Oil change with OEM Filter.

Add Forged internals to your Engine Build

Wiseco Forged pistons / K1 Rods to offer increased Internal strength

Upgrade my OEM cam Belt to a Kevlar Cam belt.

Gates Racing RPM Kevlar Cam belt.

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More Info

Dreamscience ST225 Standard Build.


Dreamscience Motorsport offer a range of replacement Engine Blocks for the Ford Focus ST225 and Ford Focus RS Mk2. These engines offer superior reliability and strength to eradicate the worries of your Engine cracking a cylinder liner or failing prematurely due to exceeding its power capabilities. The Dreamscience Performance build comes with the addition on Forged internals and Deck reinforcement Pins.

The development team at Dreamscience Motorsport have teamed up with a Specialist Engine Builder and race team owner to bring you the most comprehensive and advanced engine replacement for your performance Ford Focus ST/RS available. Using the latest technology to construct our engines.

During the engine build we go above and beyond all others to make your experience a good one. The job turnaround is 10 days from removal, rebuild, refit and run in. We will also colour code your new Engine block, casings and ancillaries to any colour scheme you may already have for your car.

All the parts used when building your Engine are Ford Genuine parts, the engine run-in oil and regular engine oil are all of the highest quality so is the coolant. Our Technicians use engine assembly gel and anti-friction spray when assembling the engines to ensure 0% bearing wear upon initial start-up.

Dreamscience Engine Build procedure.

  • Remove and Strip Customer Engine.
  • Deep clean and prep for Re build.
  •  Clean Engine back and sub frames of vehicle.
  • Machine Out old Cylinder Liners.
  • 4 Axis CNC Profiled holes for tolerance fit Liners.
  • Drill and install Reinforcement Pins.
  • Reface the Cylinder block after liner replacement.
  • Finish Honed to suit pistons.
  • Con Rods and Pistons checked and reconditioned. (If Req’d) 
  • Replace Piston Rings.
  • Piston Ring gaps set.
  • Check, Polish and recondition Crankshaft.
  • Line Hone Crank Journals.
  • Removal of Inlet and Exhaust valves, Recondition, change valve stem seals and Valve guides. Re grind Valve seats. re assemble and pressure test. (OPTIONAL). 
  • Cylinder Head, Check, Pressure Test, Skim and Refit. (Included)
  • Long block and ancillaries’ assembly.
  • Engine Refit to Vehicle.
  • Block, Sump and all ancillaries are coloured in Silver.
  • Scrub in Engine on the road for the first 250 miles on a pre-planned route. (Not Motorways) this helps properly scrub in your new Engine and prepare it for the remaining 750 run-in miles.
  • Final handover check carried out and then vehicle handed over to customer.
  • We then call the vehicle back in after the remaining Run in mileage (750) has been completed for a an Oil change and health check. (Not included in the price)

Optional Upgrades:

  • Full Cylinder head rebuild
  • Includes 20 x valve guides.
  • 20 x Valve stem seals.
  • Surface check and skim, Deep clean, Pressure test.
  • Re shim all 20 cam Buckets.
  • Labour.
  • Available in the drop down.
  • Forged internals. – Wiseco and K1 Rods uses with a choice of compression ratios.
  • Kevlar Cam Belt – Gates Racing RPM Kevlar Cam belt.


All genuine parts used.

Castrol Edge Oil change after the Engine has been run in on Mineral Oil on our dyno for 100 Miles. We use a purpose made Run-in oil to ensure the best conditions for a brand new Engine and to ensure the best Piston ring to bore seal.


PLEASE NOTE. We do not accept Paypal for this product as it is over £2500.00. This is a strict company policy and cannot be changed under any circumstances. We do accept card payments on our website, over the phone, our payment terminal at DS HQ and also Bank Transfer. 


Dreamscience ST225 Standard Build

All new Bearings (genuine Ford bearings) New pistons rings.

New main journal bearings

New Big end Bearings

Crank Cage Bolts

New Piston Rings

Dreamscience Ductal Steel Liners

Water Pump

Ford genuine Oil pump

VCT Seals

Spark Plug seals

New head bolts.

Head Gasket

Oil cooler seals.

Sump seals.

New oil pick-up pipe.

Cam seals.

Cam plugs.

Cam Belt with Tensioners

Auxilary Belts x2

Turbo Seals

Turbo Return Seals

Sump Bung Washer

Oil Filter

Gearbox Oil

Super+ Coolant used.

Exhaust and inlet gasket.

Crankshaft seals

Super+ Coolant used.


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