Dreamscience B1 Rear Disc (Set) – MK8 ST

£194.99 (£162.49 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available
b1 discs
b1 discs

Dreamscience B1 Rear Disc (Set) – MK8 ST

£194.99 (£162.49 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Product Description

Dreamscience B1 Rear Disc (Set) – MK8 ST

Dreamscience have designed and manufactured an OEM+ Upgraded Brake Disc for the Fiesta ST MK8 to suit the Factory Fitted Brakes. The Groove pattern is designed to clear the Brake Pad Surface and allow the quick release of gases under heavy braking. Providing an overall, much more efficient braking disc.

Please be aware that when using grooved discs, the brakes will be louder.

Motorsport developed face type with an emphasis on high initial response while maintaining a smooth pedal release.

• • Benefit: highest overall braking confidence, control, and allows driver to spend less time on the brake pedal. When chasing the fastest lap time, less time on the brake pedal typically leads to a quicker lap time.

• Drawback: Any disc with an aggressive face type like the Type III will have a higher chance to mechanically abrade the pad and disc surface leading to quicker or uneven pad wear. However, this really depends on variables such as car setup or track layout. For road use you will find these drawbacks to be very rare.

Shipping info:

This product is available for shipping inside the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Shipping times may vary. Extra charges may be incurred if your locations is considered Remote. If this is the case a member of our team will be in touch shortly after you have completed your order.

Fitting info:

Our Experienced Techs will take good care of your ST whilst it is with us. We Follow a strict procedure for each job to ensure a high level of quality is delivered.

This Procedure is below:
– Protect Vehicle Steering wheel with Cover.
– Protect Seats with Cover.
– Pre-work test Drive to fault find before we carry out work.
– Pull in, lift and Strip Vehicle.
– Book out parts and Fit.
– Rebuild
– Road test, check over.
– Final Clean down and Handover.

Technical Assistance.

For fitting tips and advice please call our tech helpline on +44 1482 224433 to speak with one of our Qualified Technicians or email in on

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