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Exhaust systems and manifolds can be a work of art, yet we see so many people taking the time to wrap them or cover them away. So Why Insulate Your Exhaust Systems? These intricate components can be one of the highest heat producers within the Engine Bay. But then why would you want to wrap it up and put a jacket on it? Why would you want to keep the heat inside and not let it expel as it naturally would?

That is something that there is more than one answer to, and something that we will be delving into a little further today.

Most people think that wrapping can be harmful to the system, due to an excessive heat build-up within it and therefore causing damage to the metal walls of the exhaust. In fact, this is wrong. So long as the system is covered correctly, there is no chance that the system will be prone to damage as the entire system will remain at a similar temperature.

The heat energy does not lie within the walls of the exhaust but within the exhaust gas itself. As the exhaust gases are always flowing, this means that it is constantly being removed away from the engine and flowing out of the exhaust system.

A little physics here: A hotter gas will always flow faster and actually accelerate faster than a cooler gas.

So there we have it, keeping your system wrapped up is actually good for the engine’s performance! Who knew?!

Besides this, there are a huge number of positives to take away from a well insulated exhaust system:

  • Emissions
    • Over the past few years, we have had a large number of recognisable automotive and industrial brands approach us to help them lower their output emissions by raising their exhaust temperature.
  • Less heat transfer into the engine bay
    • This is one of the most vital reasons why we want to keep the heat within an exhaust system. A cooler engine bay, the better overall performance of every part within your engine bay!
  • More reliable components
    • A cooler engine bay is a nicer environment for all electrical components and so extends the life of these. Starter motors live longer, Ignition systems work more efficiently with less chance of misfires, brake fluid remains cooler and so less chance of brake failure.
  • Less fatigue into a vehicle’s body
    • The constant heating up of a body panel means that over time, it will get weak and potentially crack! Keeping some of this heat away from the panels can actually keep the car’s structure in better shape for a longer period.
  • More efficient combustion cycle due to the exhaust gases exiting faster, and the intake temperatures being cooler.
    • A cooler engine bay means a cooler intake temperature, resulting in a more efficient combustion creating more power (especially over a long run!). Cooler airflow in, and a faster exit out. All-round improvements.

So, there we have it! Wrap your exhaust and keep the core temperatures up for way more positives than initially meet the eye!

Exhaust insulation hits all three of our mantra’s points!


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