SuperPro Control Arm Lower-Inner Rear Bush

£276.28 (£230.23 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

SuperPro Control Arm Lower-Inner Rear Bush

£276.28 (£230.23 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Product Description

SuperPro Control Arm Lower-Inner Rear Bush – Standard Alignment Settings with Bracket and Bolts

Standard replacement. Offers quicker and easier fitment.

Note: Polyurethane bushes must be fitted to both sides of the vehicle.
o Wheel align the vehicle before the job is started and note castor settings;
o Mark the control arms & bracket orientation then remove the control arms from the vehicle;
o The O.E. rubber bush is a hydraulically filled bush. Appropriate safety precautions must be taken to avoid injury. To remove the
O.E. rubber bush put the arm in a press, cover the top and bottom of the rear bush with a rag as oil will drain out, then press
on the centre tube. This will tear away the rubber bond on the tube leaving the bracket free and the tube still on the mounting
pin of the control arm;
o Use the press to remove the bush from the bracket, the bracket is rounded on one side so the bush can only be removed one
way. Then use a die grinder or a hammer and anvil, etc., to remove the crush tube from the mounting pin. Clean the mounting
pin of any burrs;
o With reference to the diagrams, the kit number that you have purchased and the settings required, align the bushing and the
brackets, so that the hole in the bushing is positioned to give the desired result. Then press the bush in leave approx. 2-3mm
from the shell bottoming out;
o Mount the control arm in a vice. Install the ‘4653A’ shell bush with the large flange facing the front of the control arm as per
sketch below. Use a suitable piece of tube, and drive the crush tube home onto the mounting pin;
o Then trial fit the control arm and bracket to the car to check bolt hole alignment, if the bolts line up for the rear bracket
proceed to the next step, if not press the bush in/out the required amount. This is done due to variations in cross members and
also to prevent adding any preload to the bush;
o Lubricate the inside of the new polyurethane bushing and the outside of the ‘4653A’ steel shell, then, slide the bushing &
bracket over the steel crush tube. (Note – Make sure that the bracket is orientated correctly refer to the drawings attached);
o Refit the control arms with the new bushes, brackets into the vehicle;

Please see the link below for full fitting guide with diagrams;

Fitting Guide

Fitting at Dreamscience HQ is available and we will carry out a Full 4 wheel Alignment once fitted (if added to purchase) This ensures that your new suspension has full effect and maintains optimum performance.

If you are planning on fitting at home or elsewhere and you’re struggling. We have a technical helpline ready to answer your questions. this line is on 01482 224433 and our experienced technicians are ready to answer your questions and offer guidance.

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Kit Includes:

  • 2 x Brackets