ST225 / RS MK2 Oil Cooler Kit

£645 (£537.50 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

ST225 / RS MK2 Oil Cooler Kit

£645 (£537.50 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Product Description

ST225 / RS MK2 Oil Cooler Kit

ST225 / RS MK2 Oil Cooler Kit

The Dreamscience Air-to-Oil cooler is a complete kit designed for anyone who wishes to significantly lower their oil temps on their Focus ST 225 or Focus RS Mk2, and protect their engine from excessive Oil temperatures.

The Oil cooler runs in conjunction with the standard Ford OEM Oil Cooler/warmer system to provide optimum cooling for your engine. As the Dreamscience Air-to-Oil cooler System is Thermostatically controlled it will only open when the Oil temps reach 90 degrees Celsius so any use during the winter months or very cold ambient air temperatures will not affect the minimum running temperature of the Engine Oil.

The kit itself was designed with track use in mind so all the fittings etc are all high quality and designed to last in all conditions. The actual Oil Cooler core is positioned to sit to one side of the intercooler at the front of the car to gain full access to as much cold air as possible once moving. The positioning of the Cooler Core is on the Hot side of the intercooler so Charge temps are not affected in any way!

The thermostat used is a Mocal OT/2 90 degree system so it is safe to use in winter, temperatures even at a track day on a highly modified car don’t go above 98 to 102 degrees, on the standard oil cooler on the car we typically see these jumping above 110 to 115 degrees in under a minute, when under full Throttle.

The typical oil temp when cruising sits between 82 and 90 degrees with this kit fitted.

The Dreamscience Sandwich plate comes equipped with a temperature sensor that can be easily integrated with the Dreamscience Stratagem Ultra to read a real and accurate Oil temperature. This function can be simply added by purchasing the optional Wiring loom and upgraded Stratagem skin For £70.00. The new Skin for the Ultra is an entirely new and enhanced design specifically for the Oil Cooler any anyone who wants and advanced on board datalogger, it has the temperature sensor reading and also a countdown bar at the bottom of the screen to illustrate when the engine is at optimal operating temperature and ready for Full throttle.

We believe this kit to be the most advanced Oil Cooler system on the market; this is reflected in the price. There has been no compromise on quality and build quality.

Sandwich plate available in anodised Black or Red finish….

Stratagem Ultra Compatible

The oil cooler kit has an optional add-on which enables oil temperature display on your Stratagem Ultra handset. Select the Advanced option below to add this, which includes a digital thermostat, cabling and a software update with all instructions to update your Ultra handset to detect the sensor.


We offer a full fitting service at our dreamscience HQ in Hull, UK, priced at £100 including VAT. This must be selected with your order, and we will then contact you to arrange a suitable time. Please note if you require this service then you must choose collection as your delivery method when going through the checkout or you”ll still be charged for delivery!

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ST225 / RS MK2 Oil Cooler Kit

  • Oil Cooler Core
  • Billet Alloy Mounting Plate
  • Goodridge Braided Oil Lines
  • Anodized Black Swivel Hose fittings
  • Mocal Oil Thermostat
  • Dreamscience Sandwich Plate With Temperature sensor Boss
  • Anodized Hose separators
  • Oil Temperature Sensor, to integrate to Stratagem Ultra (optional)