Hybrid Turbo Software for iMap Customers (TXX, Turbo X)

£295 (£245.83 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

Hybrid Turbo Software for iMap Customers (TXX, Turbo X)

£295 (£245.83 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Product Description

Hybrid Turbo Software for iMap customers (TXX, Turbo X)

Introducing our Hybrid Turbo Software for iMap Customers (TXX & Turbo X) – Tailored for Peak Performance

Ideal for iMap users with aftermarket turbo setups, our Hybrid Turbo Software is primarily designed for those with the TXX turbo, but it also accommodates similar setups such as:

TXX (550cc injectors)

Is your turbo the perfect match for our Dreamscience TXX map? the TXX map is designed for the ST225 Turbo with K16/K24 wheels. With a K24 billet compressor wheel featuring a 61.98mm exducer and a 49.62mm inducer, along with a CNC-reprofiled compressor cover, Forge Actuator (blue spring), and Forge Recirc (yellow spring), it delivers truly top-tier performance!

To complete your setup, you must be running 550cc injectors, an RS oil cooler, full exhaust, cold air intake, intercooler, and 99ron fuel. A high-flow fuel pump is also highly recommended!

Our TXX map is the result of over 5 years of development and testing, is our most potent offering yet. With our Stage 4.5 upgrade kit, it delivers a robust 385Bhp and 410Ftlb of torque, featuring a flat WRC-style torque curve. Experience the ultimate ST225 power with Dreamscience. Check out our TXX kit in action HERE. 

Turbo X 440CC / 550CC

Looking for the Turbo X map? It’s crafted specifically for the ST225 with K06 wheels and includes Forge Actuator (blue spring) and Forge Recirc (yellow spring). Our Turbo X has demonstrated its prowess, even outperforming Stage 3 RS MK2’s in various speed tests over the years!

Expect a powerful punch with 360bhp and 395Ftlbs of torque. To harness this power, make sure you have the DS-AET-K06 Hybrid turbo, Bosch 550cc or 440cc injectors, RS oil cooler, and consider an uprated fuel pump, in addition to a full exhaust, cold air intake, intercooler, and 99ron fuel.


Please note: we’ve only conducted extensive testing on the ‘TXX’ DS-AET-K16/K24 and the ‘Turbo X’ DS-AET-K06 Hybrid turbo setups. If you have a different hybrid turbo setup to the above, you can use our tune file, but ensure you have a Forge actuator (Blue spring) and Forge recirc (Yellow spring) set up on your turbo for proper operation.

Also, keep in mind that results and reliability may vary with other turbo setups, such as the RS MK2 OEM Turbo or the PS X-48 Turbo.

These new tune files are exclusively available for the latest vehicle ECU version 7BUG (393284), which you can check by plugging into your car and reading your vehicle info.

If your Strategy number is:

  • 378731
  • 382957

You’ll need to update your ECU before the plus maps will work. This can be done either at Dreamscience or your local Ford dealership. We even offer remote services for this now, get in touch with one of our team for more info!

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The tune file will be built and sent via email.

You will receive the tune file within several hours during working days.