Generation 4 Interchangeable BIG MOUTH | Flare/Inlet Only

£39.95 (£33.29 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

Generation 4 Interchangeable BIG MOUTH | Flare/Inlet Only

£39.95 (£33.29 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Product Description

Generation 4 BIG MOUTH replacement flares are the perfect addition to your arsenal of customization.

This patent-pending design has never been seen in the aftermarket, make your car extra special by expressing yourself with interchangeable Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH ram air flares/inlets.

NOTE: Not all vehicle platforms have all shapes available to them, please use the drop down menu for your particular vehicle to confirm what shapes are available for your BIG MOUTH.

Do you want to stand out? Try getting a few flares in different shapes and colours and see what works with your build, maybe you’d rather stay standard and get rectangular for the old-fashioned BIG MOUTH signature look or get aggressive and go octagonal or asymmetric hexagonal for a more geometric attack coming from your grille. The sky is the limit, colours and shapes are now able to be swapped around using our patent-pending bolt-on flare design.

We know from 5+ years of history manufacturing the BIG MOUTH ram air intake snorkel, that the flare takes a beating from the elements. It sits right in the air flow path and takes all the weathering from rocks, rain, debris, chemicals, deer hits, and UV. You can now replace the flare for a fraction of the cost of a new BIG MOUTH ram air intake snorkel.

We coat all flares with automotive-grade 2-part clearcoat for longevity, but if you are the picky type and really want a few spares, Generation 4 is the way to go! Get a Generation 4 BIG MOUTH ram air intake snorkel and be confident that you can switch it up, replace the flare if need be, change colors and shapes, whatever your heart desires at a fraction of the cost!

True customization at the highest level! Only from Velossa Tech.

Includes all hardware to bolt on to your Generation 4 BIG MOUTH ram air intake snorkel.

NOTE: Generation 4 bolt-on flares/inlets are not backwards-compatible with Generation 3 BIG MOUTH ram air intake snorkels. Not all makes and models will have all flare shapes available to them due to geometric constraints.

If you select ‘OTHER’ – Please add in the ‘NOTES’ section at checkout the colour you wish to choose.

Please Note (depending on stock delivery times) an Option that is listed as ‘Special Order’  or ‘Other’ currently listed in the drop downs, this means this option is ‘built to order’ usually have a 6-8week lead time.

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