Funk Gold Reflective Heat Tape.

£21 (£17.50 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available
Heat reflective tape Heat Tape
Heat reflective tape
Heat Tape

Funk Gold Reflective Heat Tape.

£21 (£17.50 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Product Description

Funk Gold Reflective Heat Tape.

The Funk Motorsport Gold Heat Tape reflective adhesive have been produced for by popular demand within the Drifting and Motorsport worlds to protect specifically bulkheads, firewalls, under bonnet (under hood), fuel tanks/fuel cells and other body work prone to extensive heat exposure. Our specially developed Gold Glass fibre tape can reflect away up to 80% of all radiant heat whilst working in constant and ambient temperatures of up to 450°C. Sheets can provide a neat application over large areas of coverage. Gold Tape sheets also available.

When used correctly, the Gold Heat Wrap can be used to dramatically lower intake temperature and in turn increase induction performance due to the cooler airflow. Gold tape can also be used to protect vital components or bulkheads from heat sink from engines, exhaust pipes and other components. See our blog post to understand how our Gold Heat Tape can work for you and see how it is used in many applications from Formula 1 to NASA space craft.

Such a simple product like gold taping can be applied really easily to your car or other project that needs thermal insulation! Our Gold Foil Tape is used to reflect away heat within the engine bay, to keep fuel cells cool and to provide thermal hose protection. Heat protection is everything.

Unsure how to install? We will show you how to PERFECTLY install this gold tape – WITHOUT WRINKLES. Click Here.

How to apply Reflective Gold Heat Tape – Perfectly, without Wrinkles or Creases – Funk Motorsport – YouTube

The colour Gold is used in all high end motorsport and aeronautical projects including NASA space craft and Formula 1! Follow this link to see how powerful GOLD can be

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  • Self adhesive.
  • various lengths available.
  • Efficient heat reflective properties.
  • Reflects up to 80% of heat.
  • Shares technology used by NASA and F1 Engineering teams.