Focus ST250 V3 Overrun Map – iMap Handset Only

£100 (£83.33 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

Focus ST250 V3 Overrun Map – iMap Handset Only

£100 (£83.33 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

Tuning Handset *

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(X4***********). Please double check the iMap serial number is correct after entering here, if incorrect (even by one number/letter) the tune will not work on your device and you will be charged again for a rebuild/ resend.

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Plug iMap into car – Select “Vehicle Info” to find.

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Product Description

Focus ST250 V3 Overrun Map – iMap Handset Only

**Created for Permitting Track Usage Only, Not Road Legal

This is the latest overrun map available from Dreamscience for the Focus ST 250. This V3 map is based on the DS Ultima tune. It inherits all the performance benefits but now includes the overrun features! (exhaust burble, pops, bangs)

Once purchased, the DS Ultima V3 will be built, then sent via email and will be stored in the “Custom Tunes” section of your iMap and will not affect the 3 pre-loaded tunes you already have. (Performance+, Race+, DS Ultima). The benefit of having the DS iMap is that once the V3 tune is purchased, You can switch between DS Ultima and DS Ultima V3 unlimited times.

This map isn’t designed to run on the standard cat and we recommend using the Down pipe De-Cat exhaust . If used with Std Cat or Race Cat, it may prematurely require replacing.  This overrun map is designed ideally for Forged Engines. However, we have had a Non Forged development car running this map for over 14 months with no issues.

Please see link below for Focus ST 250 Engine Forging @Dreamscience HQ!

Focus ST250 Engine Forging Kit.

Soundtest of the V3 overrun map can be seen below: 

***Please note***

Due to the calibration values changed to convert a model without existing overrun tables, users may experience a slight idle bounce.  More power = More Engine wear.


How do I add this tune to my iMap once purchased? 

Once purchased, the tunes files will be emailed to you. The email will include these simple steps on how to add the tunes to your iMap device.

  1. Save the tune files to your Windows PC/ Desktop.
  2. If you haven’t already, Install our iMap updater from the following link:
  3. Once the updater is open and handset connected with cable provided, click on “load custom tune file”, “add to device” then “program”.
  4. Once complete, disconnect and plug into car and the tune will appear in the “custom tune” section.
  5. Load the tune and Enjoy.

If you have any install or connectivity issues, a troubleshooting help guide will be attached.

*Please note – Windows PC Required to load tunes – These tune files are manually built around your device serial number, ECU strategy number and drop down selections. Please order during working hours for quickest delivery. Delivery is sent via email once built and ready.

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