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Focus rs forging mail order boostline rodRS Mk3 Forging Kit.Focus rs forging mail orderARP Rod Bolts.
Focus rs forging mail order
boostline rod
RS Mk3 Forging Kit.
Focus rs forging mail order
ARP Rod Bolts.

Focus RS MK3 Engine Forging Kit.

£1200 (£1,000.00 ex vat) In Stock

Upgrade to Wiseco Boostline 1000bhp Con Rods. *

Essential for the customer with a Big power build in mind.

Athena Multi Layer Head gasket.

Upgraded Head Gasket for Big power applications.

ARP Cylinder Head Bolts. 2.3 Ecoboost U/C Head Stud Kit. *

For Big Boost applications.

Balance Shaft Delete and Oil Control Plate.


Balancing of 4 x Rods. Balancing of 4 x pistons.

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More Info

Focus RS MK3 Engine Forging Kit 420bhp to 550bhp – **800hp with Boostline rods**

An essential upgrade for those looking to tune their Engine over 420BHP. This kit comes with all the parts required to increase the internal strength of your Engine.

What is included in the Kit?

1: JE Forged Pistons.
Ford 2.3 16v Ecoboost. 87.50mm 9.5:1 Forged pistons.
Dome/dish requires no deburring or preparation. 
Dome and Dishes feature smooth flowing radii for excellent flame travel.
1.0 x 1.2 x 2.8mm Ring Widths
.866 x 2.250 straight wall carbon steel wrist pin provided.
Pin Fitting and wire lock included.
2618 T6 High Tensile Forged aluminium.
JE Designs are specifically engineered for extreme applications up to, and including professional competition. In this environment, the higher compression ratios, highest boost or heavy nitrous usage necessitate the higher tensile strength 2618 Aluminium alloy.

2: BW Forged Connecting Rods.
Billet 4340 rod, EPR H-Beam, Ford Ecoboost 2.3L, 149.37mm length,  groove bushed pin, with 3/8″-24 x 1.600″ ARP2000 bolts, set of 4
OEM Spec:
Length: 149.37mm
Big Bore: 55.030mm
BE Width: 21.82mm
Pin Bore: 22.5mm
PE Width: 21.82mm
Total Weight Approx.: 536 grams

3: XP King Racing Big End Bearings ACL.
“Bull’s Eye Tolerance”. King engine bearings have the closest wall tolerances in the industry, with all shells matched to 0.0001″.
Increased Height. Greater rod bearing height improves bearing-to-bore contact/heat transfer and reduces spin potential at high RPM.
Improved Oiling. Mains feature enlarged, chamfered oil holes.
Medium Eccentricity. This enables optimum load distribution and improved oiling
Dowel Holes. Most rod bearings are available with or without dowel holes.
Narrowed Design. Mains and rods are narrowed for large-radius crankshafts.

Optional add-ons. 

OEM Gasket and Seals Kit.
This includes all the gaskets required to replace all old seals and gaskets. All OEM parts are used. (unless upgraded parts are specified)
Head gasket.
Exhaust Manifold Gasket.
Cam Cover Gasket
All inlet manifold gaskets.
Cam Seals.
Replacement Crank Hub pulley Bolt.

Water Pump. 
OEM Water pump.

Oil Pump.
OEM Water pump.

Auxiliary Belt.
OEM Aux Belt.

Athena Head Gasket. Ford 2.3 D=89mm T=1.3mm

Wiseco BOOSTLINE Connecting Rods. Introducing Boost Line Connecting Rods. Our engineering team created this new, patent-pending 3-pocket design specifically for demanding turbocharged, supercharged and big nitrous applications. These connecting rods are ideal for today’s high horsepower engines and provide 60% more bending strength compared to common H-beam rods! Each rod is designed, finished and inspected in the USA and includes an inspection report from our quality team.  Designed specifically for high horsepower forced induction and nitrous applications. Patent Pending high strength 3-pocket design. Machined from premium 4340 forged steel. High quality ARP Bolts included. Inspected and finished in the USA (Mentor, Ohio)
Part Number: FD5866-886+
Length: 149.2mm
Pin Diameter: 22.5mm
PE Width: 21.82
BE Width: 21.82
Housing Bore: 55.028
Bolt Size: 3/8″
Bolt P/N: BT61501-625
Gram Weight: 626

ARP Head Bolts. 2.3 Ecoboost U/C Head Stud Kit. – 12-point Nuts.

Dreamscience DRS System. Dynamic reinforcement system is designed to stop liner walk and head gasket failure. The DRS Brace also converts the open deck of the 2.3 Ecoboost into a semi closed Block. Much like the 2.0 Duratec HE Block. (allow 2 weeks for shipping on this product)

Balance Shaft Delete Kit and Sump Baffle kit. Removes the heavy rotating mass from your Engine and prevents Oil Starvation under heavy cornering and braking due to the installation of a new Engine Sump Baffle Plate.

Piston and Con-Rod Balancing. We recommend this service for anyone getting the heavier and strong Wiseco Boostline Con Rods

With all of these additional options. It gives you the opportunity to put a kit together that suits you perfectly.



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