Focus MK3 RS Forged 2.0 Short Block [Supply only]

£3695 (£3,079.17 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available
The image shows a white background with the Athena RS MK3 Head gasket in front of itAthena Head Gasket.ARP Rod Bolts.
The image shows a white background with the Athena RS MK3 Head gasket in front of it
Athena Head Gasket.
ARP Rod Bolts.

Focus MK3 RS Forged 2.0 Short Block [Supply only]

£3695 (£3,079.17 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

Upgrade and include to ARP Head and main bolts

Add more clamp strength and reliability when running big power.

Upgrade to Wiseco boostline rods.

The Ultimate Con Rod for your Forged build and needed for builds over 500bhp.

Include Athena Head Gasket.

Upgrade your Head Gasket.

Add Balance Shaft delete and Sump Baffle plate.

Delete OEM Balance shaft and install Oil Baffle Plate.

Balance my internals.

Have the Con Rods, Pistons, Crank and Crank hub balanced.

Add Callies Crank Shaft to my Build

The Ultimate Crank Upgrade. 50% Stronger and 20% Lighter.

Engine Exchange.

Do you have an Engine to Exchange? *This must be in good working order*

Have your Engine Fitted by Dreamscience.

Fitting Includes Labour to build long block, Fit Engine, Sundries and Engine Scrub in.

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Product Description

Focus MK3 RS Forged 2.0 Short Block [Supply or Fit]

A part of the ENGINE SHOP Range.

Focus MK3 RS Forged 2.0 Short Block [Supply only] – As a Focus RS Mk3 owner, you will be well aware that the 2.3 Engine does have weak points and that their lack of internal strength does need addressing quickly. For the most, this can be done by simply forging the Engine. Although forging is a fantastic solution to offer more strength, the Focus MK3 RS Forged 2.0 Short Block [Supply only]is a level up from your standard forging kit and can offer reliability up to and over 750bhp (when all upgrades are fitted).  The Dreamscience forged 2.0 Engine build is a cut above the rest and the Build comes with a base specification that will see the Engine Stay reliable to 550bhp but you can add various upgrades to increase the Engines capability and strength.

This product is a supply only service and your engine will arrive packaged inside of a Crate.

What you will get in your Package with your Focus MK3 RS Forged 2.0 Short Block [Supply only]

What’s included in the order when we supply. 

  • Brand new 2.0 EB Block. (Machined to use with 2.3 Head and Ancillaries)
  • Brand new OE Crankshaft.
  • JE Forged Pistons. (Standard CR)
  • BW or Wiseco Boostline Rods.
  • Main Bearings. (King Racing)
  • Big End Bearings. (ACL Race)
  • OEM Water pump.
  • OEM Oil Pump.

You will notice that in the Dropdown options below. You can add various upgrades and options to help you fit the Engine. This price is also on an exchange basis. Dreamscience will not release your new Engine until we have taken delivery of your exchange Engine and inspected it. any damage beyond the usual will be chargeable.

Please NOTE: That you will need to time up and fit your own Front Engine Case to your new Block and that specialist tooling will be needed to do so.

Please be aware that we take payment for the shipping separately. We will be in contact as soon as we see the order and arrange pallet shipping to your chosen address. We can also arrange the collection of your Exchange Engine.

For information on the Callies Crankshaft option, please follow this link.
Catalogue – Callies Precision Engine Components


Please Be aware that Products such as this one, involve a large number of parts and labour to put together and ship and thus delays can occur. For any more information please get in touch with our sales team at


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  • Brand New 2.0 Eco boost Block.
  • Perfect solution and conversion for the RS MK3 Block, Retains its 2.3 Capacity when used with RS Mk3 Bottom End.
  • Choice of forged parts ensure that you get the exact spec for the right costs.
  • Shipping for additional costs.
  • Ready to Forge or for Standard Internals as an Engine Replacement
  • In Stock Ready to Ship (Check Prior to Ordering)
  • Genuine Crate Block from Ford
  • Same block as used by in Ford BTCC engines