Dreamscience Stratagem X Upgrade

£150 (£125.00 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available
DashDaq II Upgrade, Focus RS Tuning
DashDaq II Upgrade, Focus RS Tuning

Dreamscience Stratagem X Upgrade

£150 (£125.00 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Product Description

Dreamscience Stratagem X Upgrade

Dreamscience are proud to announce the release of the new STRATAGEM X load, this load includes our most popular tunes and also our new Mod X!

Supported Handsets
We can upgrade your handset if it is any one of the following:

ST150, ST170, ST225, ST225 7 Upgrade, ST225 PRO, ST225 DUO, RS, DSF3000

Your handset will be converted to work on a Focus ST225, the new Stratagem X tune set will be loaded on. Please note this update works on both blue and green backlit devices, handsets with non backlit display are excluded.

What is Mod X?

The ultimate map developed by the team at Dreamscience, a characteristic evolution from the Mighty Mod C and ModB+ maps. Mod X has the pioneering ability to deliver that best run, maximum power feeling, every time, on every occasion, no matter what the outside conditions are like.

Due to this extra sustained performance an aftermarket oil cooler is recommended for track use only, however this is not essential for road use.

Mod X is best suited for cars still running the standard turbo with full aftermarket modifications including Cold air induction kit, upgraded intercooler, full 3” exhaust with de-cat or Race cat. Extensive track, road and dyno testing has proven Mod X brings in power sooner, holds for longer, and maintains that best run feeling time after time.

More power = more heat and this is why an uprated air to oil cooler is recommended for track use. This is the first map available which is able to surpass the standard cooling system on the ST225 when used on a track or for lengthy sustained full throttle periods.

Included Tunes:

Race Plus
Taking “Race” further. This tune gives rapid boost and our signature shove in the back as your car comes on boost.

Performance Plus
Giving more boost to “Performance” for unmodified and modified cars alike.

“Race Plus” with more progressive boost building to a higher peak – works on a wide range of cars from unmodified to some heavily modified.

Mod B
“ModA” with more boost.

Mod B +
Tried and tested “ModB”, but with a few new tweaks.

Mod C
After 1 years of development we give you “ModC” with several enhancements above the historic “ModB”.

Mod X
The ultimate map developed by the team at Dreamscience, a characteristic evolution from the mighty Mod C and ModB+ maps.

How does it work?

  1. First make sure you flash your vehicle back to stock in all cases.
  2. Read your vehicles strategy with your handset and it will be one of the following: 378731, 382957, or 393284.
  3. Enter your details below, select Statagem X, and proceed through the checkout.
  4. Send your handset back to dreamscience HQ for the upgrade.

We will re-program your device with the selected load and will endeavour to have the handset back to you the day after we receive it for programming, except for international customers who may take slightly longer. Once you have received your handset back you will need to plug it in to your diagnostic port and select a tune, at this point there will be a 40 minute delay while the handset uploads your exact stock file. After the initial upload each tune flash will only take 4 minutes to complete.

Warning Information
As your device is exactly matched to your cars processor code if you have an update by your dealer from one code to another you will need to have the handset re-programmed to match the new code installed.

This update converts all handset types to a DSF3000 custom tuning device which is locked specifically to one processor type, if sold on to a vehicle with the same processor type it will work. If the device is sold on to a customer with a different code the device will need to be re-programmed by us to match the new code.

Any handsets needing re-programming to match different codes after initial programming will incur a lower charge of £50 plus delivery charges of £8.50 in the UK and as below for Europe and non E.U.

Please make sure to RETURN YOUR CAR TO STOCK before sending in your unit!

Your serial number is found on the back of your unit!

Please note due to massive demand this product will be delivered within 3-5 working days, first come first served!

Please send your current STRATAGEM handset to:

Dreamscience Automotive
Unit 5 Rugby Business Park
Rugby Street
East Yorkshire

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Dreamscience Stratagem X Upgrade

For Ford Focus ST225 Only!

Now Includes Mod X!