Dreamscience RSX Package

£4355 (£3,629.17 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available
ST Turbo440cc injectorRS MAFRS MAPFuchsSpark Plugsinjectors
ST Turbo
440cc injector
Spark Plugs

Dreamscience RSX Package

£4355 (£3,629.17 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

High Flow Fuel pump. (RS Body) *

Essential to achieve maximum power.

Fitting Service (Hull UK) *

includes, labour and Seals, Gaskets, Turbo Priming fluid.

Rolling Road Session

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Please select No if you are buying the Turbo without exchanging an old unit.

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Product Description

Dreamscience RSX Package.

The latest and greatest RSX Package is the latest performance package to be release by Dreamscience for the ST225 and the RS MK2.

Utilising an RS Stage 2 Hybrid, RS MAF, RS MAP sensors, 750cc injectors this kit is capable of well over 480bhp but in this instance the team at Dreamscience Mapped this kit to make less…yes, that’s right. LESS!  There is good reason for this. Through our vast knowledge of the Ford i5 engine we know that they do no like high charge temperatures. These high temperature have a hugely adverse effect on the power output. The Turbo we use in this kit could be called “overkill” for the 450bhp it produces.  We do this to keep the turbo well within its reach, to keep temperature down and to maintain the 450bhp Power output a constant, even after prolonged use. this is a true track car set up. Rather than map the RSX Package to be “peaky” and please a dyno, we map to maintain an extremely strong and high average torque/BHP output over your rev range.

We aren’t here to please the dyno day car owners. We’re here to please the real drivers. RSX is for the Road not for the Car Meet.

The most unique part of the Remap is that when fitted to an ST225. It uses the RS MK2 Sensors but remains an ST Calibration. This mean no need to upgrade to an extremely costly and rare RS ABS ECU.

The Kit includes:

  • DS k16 Stage II  Hybrid turbo.
  • Exhaust manifold Gasket
  • Turbo return seals
  • Copper Coolant pipe seals.
  • Copper oil feed seals.
  • RS MK2 MAF Sensor
  • RS MK2 Wiring Adapter.
  • RS MK2 MAP sensor.
  • 750cc injectors.
  • Fuchs Race Pro-S Oil change and Filter. (When fitting is included)
  • RS Spark Plugs gapped to 0.6mm

We strongly suggest that your engine is Forged and has the Block mod. If you’re driving an RS MK2 then just Forged.

Other supporting mods should include.

  • Atmospheric breather system
  • 2.75in boost pipes
  • 2.75in intercooler (Airtec or spec-r)
  • Upgraded clutch
  • Engine forging
  • RS Cross over pipe

For any more information, fitting advice, kit specifications  Please contact

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