Dreamscience Ultima V3 Overrun Map – Focus RS MK3

£100 (£83.33 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

Dreamscience Ultima V3 Overrun Map – Focus RS MK3

£100 (£83.33 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available


5.00 out of 5
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ECU Strategy

Can be found in ‘Vehicle Info’ section with the iMap.

iMAP Serial Number *

(X4***********). Please double check the iMap serial number is correct after entering here, if incorrect (even by one number/letter) the tune will not work on your device and you will be charged again for a rebuild/ resend.

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(exhaust burble, pops, bangs)

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5.00 out of 5
  1. James

    Love this map should’ve called it the asbo map great pops and bangs under deceleration only after harsh acceleration so keeps the naibours happy and full time launch control what’s not to like

  2. Mahyar

    Excellent, the video doesn’t do the burbles/pops justice, and the Launch control is perfect for the extra torque on V3 (Or any of the tunes for that matter).
    Good for the neighbours as it won’t pop before 3k’ish RPM’s or some heel toe-ing.
    All in all worth the money!

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Product Description

Dreamscience Ultima V3 Overrun Map – Focus RS MK3

**Created for Permitting Track Usage Only, Not Road Legal

*This option is for iMAP customers only*

The latest Dreamscience custom tune upgrade for the Focus RS MK3. What is included Ultima V3 overrun?

  • Launch Control Features
  • Overrun Features (exhaust pops, bangs, added deceleration burble)

Depending on preference and current modifications, the V3 Overrun map can either be purchased for iMap customers running the DS Ultima 2+ set up or the DS Ultima 3 set up. The Launch Control and Overrun Features are added to either the DS Ultima 2+ or DS Ultima 3 maps and sent to you via email as a custom tune file. As this is a custom tune, it will be saved and stored in your iMap under the custom tunes section and not the preloaded tunes section. You will still have the original DS Ultima 2+ and DS Ultima 3 saved in your preloaded tunes section if you wish to switch back at any point. You can switch between the maps unlimited amount of times without losing a life (as long as the iMap stays paired to the same vehicle).

Although the sound and performance is at its best with a De-Cat fitted, the V3 overrun has been tested with a standard catalytic converter and with the Dreamscience 3″ down pipe race cat.

Once the V3 overrun map is loaded, the overrun features will only become active in the following modes;

  • Sports Mode
  • Race Mode
  • Drift Mode

In ‘Normal Mode’ the overrun features will remain deactivated.

Launch Control

Launch control set to just below 4000rpm. After multiple trial and error tests, we found this was the optimum RPM to get the ultimate launch from a stand still position. Although the standard launch control RPM was set to over 5K, due to the increased power and torque in the DS ultima maps, this RPM became too high. Following this principle, we have disabled the standard launch control feature in the V3 overrun maps for protection of the transmission components.

How to activate Launch Control? No need to rush around with your steering wheel at the traffic lights anymore. Simply apply your clutch, put your RS in 1st and apply the accelerator.

The Launch Control feature remains active in all driving modes. Including ‘Normal Mode’.


How do I add this tune to my iMap once purchased? 

Once purchased, the tunes files will be emailed to you. The email will include these simple steps on how to add the tunes to your iMap device.

  1. Save the tune files to your Windows PC/ Desktop.
  2. If you haven’t already, Install our iMap updater from the following link:
  3. Once the updater is open and handset connected with cable provided, click on “load custom tune file”, “add to device” then “program”.
  4. Once complete, disconnect and plug into car and the tune will appear in the “custom tune” section.
  5. Load the tune and Enjoy.

If you have any install or connectivity issues, a troubleshooting help guide will be attached.

*Please note – Windows PC Required to load tunes – These tune files are manually built around your device serial number, ECU strategy number and drop down selections. Please order during working hours for quickest delivery. Delivery is sent via email once built and ready.*

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