Immobilizer Software for iMap Handsets

£50 (£41.67 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

Immobilizer Software for iMap Handsets

£50 (£41.67 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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(X4***********). Please double check the iMap serial number is correct after entering here, if incorrect (even by one number/letter) the tune will not work on your device and you will be charged again for a rebuild/ resend.

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Found in the ‘Vehicle Info’ section using the iMap (when plugged into the vehicle)

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Product Description

The Dreamscience Immobilizer Software For iMap Handsets.

The Dreamscience Immobilizer map is a cost-effective and reliable way to enhance the security of your ST/RS. Through numerous changes, this map prevents the engine from starting, idling or running while the software is loaded to the car. This provides an additional layer of security that can help prevent theft and unauthorized access, giving you peace of mind and protecting your investment.

(Once Purchased) The immobiliser software is built by one of our team, is sent to you via email, and stored as a ‘Custom Tune’ on the iMap device. This process usually takes no more than a few hours during working hours. The ‘instructions’ or next steps will be emailed to you once the tune is purchased.

The map takes approximately 6 minutes to install and the same to uninstall. Therefore, this map is ideal for those planning to leave their car unattended while on holiday, or a similar scenario were the vehicle is left unattended. Alternatively, if this is a tune that will be installed and uninstalled frequently (i.e. on a daily basis), please allow enough time to uninstall the map before making your journey.

Vehicle List. 

  • Ford Focus RS MK3 (currently available)
  • Ford Focus ST MK3 (currently available)
  • Ford Focus ST MK2 (coming soon)
  • Ford Focus ST MK4 (coming soon)
  • Ford Fiesta ST MK7 (coming soon)
  • Ford Fiesta ST MK8 (coming soon)
  • Ford Puma ST 1.5L (coming soon)

Please Note: If you leave your vehicle ‘immobilised’ for a relatively prolonged period of time, this will heighten the risk that your battery will either be flat, or at least down on health. To remove the immobiliser tune, you will need to use your iMap device to load another map to the ECU. For instance, the ‘Ultima’ tune or ‘Mod X’ tune. Prior to loading ANY map with the iMap, the vehicle battery needs to be in good health and good working condition. As per the iMap instruction leaflet, ‘To help eliminate any uncertainty, a battery charger should be connected at the time of flashing’, this is especially true if the car has been sat immobilised for a prolonged period of time.

Please Note: Switching between the immobiliser map and other maps will not affect your iMap life counter.


Our car immobilizer product is designed to prevent unauthorized access to your vehicle by preventing the engine from starting through changes made in the calibration. While we stand behind the effectiveness of our product, we cannot guarantee that your vehicle will be 100% theft-proof.

We will not be held responsible for any theft or damage to your vehicle while our immobilizer is loaded. The product is designed to provide an extra layer of security, but it is not a substitute for proper vehicle security measures, such as locking your doors and windows, parking in well-lit areas, et cetera.

It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their vehicle. By purchasing and using our car immobilizer product, you acknowledge that Dreamscience are not liable for any loss, damage, or injury resulting from the theft or attempted theft of your vehicle.


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