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BW Con rod BW Connecting rods
BW Con rod
BW Connecting rods

Bridgeway Forged Connecting Rods Focus RS 2.3

£455 (£379.17 ex vat) In Stock

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Bridgeway Forged Connecting Rods Focus RS 2.3

Bridgeway Forged Connecting Rods Focus RS 2.3 are a H Beam Con Rod. Established in 1995, Bridgeway specialize in the design and manufacture of crankshafts and connecting rods for the racing and performance markets. Although the Company started as an exporter, Bridgeway today is a manufacturing company capable of research and development of new or modified products to meet various customers’ needs.

In order to provide better services and products to their customers, Bridgeway started the technical facilities in 2000 to produce customized crankshafts and connecting rods, developed to a high standard of quality. They have continuously expended their production capacity, and R&D capabilities, during the recent years. In 2005, a brand new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility was opened.

Bridgeway are now capable of 100% in-house machining work, also the heat treatment and nitriding processes. Bridgeway today provides over 8,000 pieces of various types of crankshaft and over 50,000 pieces of various connecting rod to the worldwide racing and performance market. All Bridgeway crankshafts and connecting rods are produced 100% in-house.

Bridgeway has developed a variety of crankshafts and connecting rods for racing and performance applications. They not only provide for the excellent famous American V8 marques like Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, but also the newer and increasingly popular sport compact series such as BMW, Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru and VAG, etc.

Different to many Chinese manufacturers, Bridgeway has extremely flexible production facilities, along with well-trained craftsmen, an experienced engineering team and more importantly a comprehensive quality control programme. Bridgeway may seem new to the market, but they have contributed a tremendous amount of beautifully designed and extremely effective crankshafts and connecting rods. Through many exclusive projects, including prototype making, crankshaft modifying and development, along with small and medium quantity production.

Unlike many other steel con rods, these parts are not only weight balanced per set, but are also weight balanced end to end.
Bridgeway or BW as they are also known are a leading producer of steel crankshafts & con rods who supply many famous brands globally. The undisputed market leader in Asia – these are serious parts for serious racers.
Big End Weight = 383.0g
Small End Weight = 153.5.0g
Total Weight = 536.5g
Length = 149.37mm
Big End = 55.00mm
Small End = 22.50mm
*NOTE These rods are machined to take bearings with a notch such as the Daido Racing or King Racing*




  • Forged rods for engine set ups between 500-575bhp.
  • Balanced.
  • Big End Weight = 383.0g
  • Small End Weight = 153.5.0g
  • Total Weight = 536.5g
  • Length = 149.37mm
  • Big End = 55.00mm
  • Small End = 22.50mm


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