BMW M140I – BCS Non Res Exhaust Centre Section

£395 (£329.17 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

BMW M140I – BCS Non Res Exhaust Centre Section

£395 (£329.17 ex vat) IN STOCK Finance Options Available

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Product Description

Upon the release of the M140i and 240i, it became instantly recognizable that the exhaust note from the mighty 3.0 turbo had fallen below the levels of expectation from owners looking for the emotional release that comes with driving such a powerful vehicle.

BMW in their defence offered in some part to recompense owners with the MPE (M Performance Exhaust).

However, we believe that the MPE (and whilst offering a nice improvement over the stock rear silencer), fails to fully hit the mark sonically.

With this in mind, we developed the BCS Centre Silencer Delete Pipe set.

The result of installing our pipe set completely redefines the stock exhaust note, not only by increasing the overall sound output but by redefining the character of the sound and in so doing proving drama in the form of pops and burbles which have become the stuff of legend on this platform, especially in the Sport and Sport+ modes.

Now considering normally that the removal of silencers and resonators may introduce Unwanted Sounds And Frequencies (AKA Drone) into the passenger compartment, we are pleased to confirm that we have detected none of these said USAFs, which means there is no downside to performing this modification

As mentioned earlier the MPE goes some way to improving the stock exhaust note, however, for some owners who are left craving more sound, the temptation is to remove the centre silencers as well…

Having tested this carefully, we have discovered that this, unfortunately, introduces drone into the passenger compartment which is thoroughly unpleasant and spoils the driving experience.

To this end, we developed the totally unique BCS DDE (Dynamic Drone Eliminator), the product is defined as being dynamic as it leaves the sound increase in place, shaving off a fraction of the db’s whilst eliminating completely all drone.

We, therefore, suggest that if you have purchased, or have an MPE installed on your M140i / 240i and you are looking for a greater depth of sound, you consider the DDE variant of this product and navigate back to the appropriate page on our M140i / 240i product listing.

Please note this product will not fit the Convertible

The product is completely MOT friendly and suitable for both road and track use.

The fitting time for this product is 1 hour.

Please note that in order to install the centre silencer delete pipe set, the original BMW exhaust system will require cutting just before the rear silencer on the dimple that BMW provides to mark the cutting position prior to installing an MPE.

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