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A new era For Dreamscience Motorsport

The arrival of our new M3 Tourer marks the beginning of a new era for Dreamscience Motorsport. 

After 18years of specialising in high-end Ford tuning, we consider ourselves to be the UK’s best Ford tuning specialist, having a wide range of experience with high-end vehicles and an incredibly skilled team qualified to enhance the performance of Fords. In fact, our efforts and quality of products became so recognised that we became only 1 of only 2 Tuning companies to have their products sold through Ford dealerships across England and Scotland (Evans Halshaw and Trust Ford). This accomplishment is particularly noteworthy, given the competitive nature of the Ford tuning market. Reassuring customers of our commitment to providing only the finest products for your performance Ford, and now BMW!

So what’s next?

The BMW brand holds a special place in our hearts, and we’ve been secretly working on these vehicles for years. Our team have owned various BMW models in the past, including the BM3 X3M Competition, BMW M3, BMW M140i, and BM3 M3 Tourer.

Having spent almost 20 years establishing our brand, tuning infrastructure, and networks with top names in the Ford Market, we’re now shifting our focus to prioritize BMW. We’re excited to see what the future holds for Dreamscience Motorsport in this new era.

BMW owners can now gain access to our in-house – 4-wheel drive dyno,  the latest data logging and diagnostics technology, plus, communication  with our qualified team who share a passion for all things BMW.

But which vehicles will this include?

Our catalogue will include a range of performance upgrades for selected M-vehicles and M-Performance vehicles.


M-Performance Vehicles: 

What can we expect to see?

Our BMW collection is expanding rapidly, using the same successful approach that helped us establish our reputation in the Ford industry. Rather than listing all available brands and their entire range of parts online in hopes of making quick sales, we selectively choose the vehicles and components that we want to collaborate with – those that we know will work well and align with our brand’s values and emotions. This enables us to make a distinct mark in the BMW market and establish connections with like-minded car enthusiasts, resulting in long-term, loyal customers.

We’ve partnered with several top players in the BMW community, including REMUS, KW, Akrapovič, Bilstein, and Eventuri, and have added a selection of their products to our website.

Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for further announcements and updates!

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