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Should You Tune Your Ford RS MK3?

Deciding to modify your car is a personal decision and something that many drivers do differently. There is no right or wrong way to modify your car but there are factors that may influence your decision on what modifications you do.

The Ford RS MK3 is a popular choice of car for modifications, alongside other Ford models such as the Fiesta ST MK8, Fiesta ST180, Focus ST MK4 and Focus ST225 MK2. Modifications on any vehicle, including the Ford RS MK3, can be anything from changing the alloys, wrapping the car, to completely remapping the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). 

Remapping Your Ford RS MK3

If visual modifications are not something you want to do right now, you may be more inclined to modify the mechanics and performance of your Ford RS MK3. Tuning, also known as remapping, is a modification that is performed by making adjustments and edits to the factory binary tables of specific parameters. One of the main reasons why someone would choose to remap/tune their car is to maximise the car’s efficiency and performance, including MPG and economical performance. 

Custom Tuning a Ford RS MK3

At Dreamscience, we are specialists in custom tuning. When we remap a Ford RS MK3, we use tuning handsets as opposed to tuning boxes. All finished maps begin their life as Full Custom Tunes and by the time the development program has finished, several tune files are generated for each vehicle. Each tuning handset is specific to each vehicle and developed over an approximate 12-month time period by our team of experts. 

Remapping a Ford RS MK3 enhances the power of the vehicle which otherwise can feel particularly mundane if strength is what you’re looking for. Combined with visual modifications, having a custom-tuned Ford RS MK3 is sure to turn heads! 

See some Ford modifications done by us.

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