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Focus ST MK3 – The Next Phase…

The image shows a silver Ford Focus ST MK3 with a dreamscience rag plate with a background of parking lot pavement and cloudy sky.

Our new development ST


That’s right! We are returning to the lab with the Focus ST MK3, looking to improve on our own already powerful Dreamscience ST250 Stage 2 setup. We are spearheading the endeavor with rigorous testing on our new Project ST MK3. Did you know? the very popular Ultima software was signed off nearly 10 years ago! We are now revisiting an old friend, but with even more tuning experience, an expanded tuning team with new resources, plus market leading development equipment that was not previously available!

Priorities for this project?

Software: It is pretty common knowledge that we already have a popular range of tuning software for the ST250, mostly loaded through our iMap tuning device. However, based on recent tuning breakthroughs in addition to listening to customer feedback, we are aiming to sign off an almighty Stage 3 tune, designed specially and only to be ran with all necessary ‘bolt on ‘ modifications. i.e. turbo back exhaust, cold air intake, Stage 2+ intercooler, etc.

Forging options: As a part of our project car development, we will be making use of our Engine Forging package once we have signed off our Stage 3, and head for more power! if you are interested in ST MK3 forging options you can have a look for yourself here-

Focus ST250 Engine Forging Kit.

Turbo Package: You’ve probably guessed it, the answer to more power here is with our DS hybrid turbo conversion. The potential of the Focus ST MK3 is expansive due to it’s inherited tuning friendly nature, but we are yet to push the limits beyond the standard turbo set up. This is where our new turbo package will come in, we are aiming for a bolt-on bundle of power, that will do nothing short of taking your ST to the next level. This aspect will likely take up the most development, so we will continue with updates as we progress.

Aero Pack: We appreciate performance is the priority, but what does it really mean if it doesn’t look the part? Don’t worry, our development team have got you covered. Our aero package will include a carefully handpicked selection of Maxton Design components we believe best compliment the aesthetics of the Focus ST, in-line with our company brand image. This can appear in the form of a splitter, spoiler extension, side splitter kit, and rear diffuser. (all in Gloss Black).

Decals: Building on the last segment, we will also be ensuring the Dreamscience ST looks as good as it performs, which is we’re also planning some ST250 branded decals for that truly powerful look.

Once again, we are very excited by this project and cannot wait to share updates, we just hope you are as excited as we are!

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