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Focus RS Mk3 Gear Selection Failure: Solution

Gear Selection Failure: The Upgraded Transmission for Focus RS Mk3

In the pursuit of automotive excellence, our journey led us to develop the TXX turbo kit for the Focus RS. However, rigorous track testing brought to light a series of transmission challenges that required immediate attention.

Identifying Weaknesses
During these tests, it became apparent that the gearbox’s internal temperatures were reaching concerning levels, leading to adverse effects on critical components.
The areas most affected included selector fork bushes, synchro meshes, and bearings. Looks like we’re not the only ones struggling with gear selection failure either! Link

Addressing the Core Issue
Excessive heat emerged as the primary cause of component failure within the MMT6 Gearbox.
Consequently, our focus shifted towards not only reducing internal temperatures but also strengthening the gearbox’s overall durability.

The Comprehensive Approach
To achieve this, we implemented a series of carefully planned modifications, each designed to work synergistically in reinforcing the OEM gearbox. These enhancements prepare it to handle the demanding conditions and extreme temperatures it may encounter.

Super Polished Gears
Super polishing is a precision engineering technique that involves refining gear surfaces to reduce friction and wear and thus reducing temperature drastically. This process significantly enhances gear performance and lifespan.

Carbon Lined Synchromeshes
By integrating carbon lining into the synchromeshes, we’ve fortified these crucial components against the pressures of high-speed gear changes, ensuring seamless transitions and prolonged operational life.

Brass-Tipped Selector Forks
Our custom-designed brass-tipped selector forks replace the factory-fitted plastic counterparts, providing a robust and reliable solution for gear selection, especially under demanding conditions.

Upgraded Metal Cage Bearings
The inclusion of upgraded metal cage bearings elevates the gearbox’s structural integrity, effectively withstanding the forces exerted during intense driving scenarios.

TITAN RACE SYNCHRO SAE 75W-90 – API GL-4 Transmission Fluid
The selection of a high-quality transmission fluid is critical. Titan Race Synchro sae 75w-90, compliant with API GL-4 specifications, ensures optimal lubrication and performance under extreme conditions. It maintains its ability to remain 100% effective even at high temperatures, ensuring the Gearbox operation when hot isn’t compromised.

With these meticulously crafted enhancements, we’ve not only addressed the weaknesses in the OEM gearbox but elevated its capabilities to thrive under pressure. The result is a Focus RS Mk3 prepared to dominate the track with precision and durability. Dreamscience will be offering a rebuild service for customer gearboxes and also, supply of reconditioned and brand-new Gearbox units. Pricing and release date has been confirmed to be mid-December 2023/early January 2024.

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