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Dreamscience Annual News Letter 2018

As we draw to the end of another great year, we would like to take the time to say a huge thank you to all of our customers and dealers who have been a part of our 2018. The Dreamscience annual newsletter is a short summary of the highlights, projects and achievements over the past year. The newsletter will also include our plans for 2019.

New website. 

After the full renovation was carried out in the workshop and offices. It was now time for our website to follow in the same foot steps. Dreamscience began the year with a brand new website being launched with a range of new products. A company called We are Impression helped us a build a state of the art, modern website designed to to be informative, efficient and neat. The new website has been a huge step forward for us as we have been able to populate and present new products to our customers much quicker. Making it much easier for both us and our customers to navigate. The new web has allowed us to build a stronger relationship with our clients through features such as the Hall of Fame section. We are now able to show off our customers cars and advertise the mods they are fitted with. Check out our Hall of Fame section on the web here.

Dreamscience Gladiator.

Trust Ford Deal – New Mustang GT & Fiesta MK8 Black edition. 

Dreamscience are very proud to announce another striking deal with Trust Ford. Trust Ford will now be offering an option of a Dreamscience spec Fiesta ST MK8 and Mustang GT (S65O) in the show room. This spec consists of tasteful suspension and body part bolt on modifications such as after market alloys, springs, spoilers, splitters, stickers etc. Once fitted with the Dreamscience mods, The Fiesta and Mustang will be advertised and sold as the “Black Edition” models. The Black edition upgrade will be available to purchase direct from Trust Ford dealerships on new and used Fiesta ST MK8’s and S650 Mustang GT’s only. Please feel free to contact us on 01482 224433 for any further information on this subject.

Check out the Black Edition Fiesta Black Edition Fiesta ST (1) |  Black Edition Fiesta ST (2) | Black Edition Fiesta ST (3) |Black Edition Fiesta ST (4) |

Check out the Black Edition Mustang Black Edition Mustang GT (1) |  Black Edition Mustang GT (2) |Black Edition Mustang GT (3) |


Dreamscience exhibited at the SEMA car show in america again this year. This was a beneficial trip as it allowed us reinforce connections with current suppliers and dealers. Some of Dreamscience most popular products have american roots! For example, BOOSTane the fuel additive (which previously won SEMA new product of the year) Velossa Tech, that supply BIG Mouth scoops for the RS,ST & Mustang models. And finally the Stratagem iMap. By collaborating with SCT (one of the world’s largest and most successful Ford Tuning companies)  we are able to provide the very latest device hardware technology to our customers, plus an un rivalled resource of combined tuning knowledge and experience. Visiting SEMA helped to enhance our creativity and ideas for products we are currently designing that will be released in 2019. So keep an eye out.  SEMA Image 1 SEMA Image 2

New Staff. 

The two latest additions to the DS team are Steve and Phil. Steve has been brought in to take over the logistic side of the business. Taking care of the mail orders being sent out both domestically and internationally. Phil’s area of expertise is targeted at new vehicle development and fitting. The projects that Phil faces include the Ford Ranger to Gladiator conversion, plus the Mustang and Fiesta black edition conversions. Phil has brought high levels of experience in this department and is proving very promising with our development on new products.

RS MK3 Dreamscience DRS. “Dynamic Reinforcement System”.

The Dreamscience DRS is a proprietary fixing recently developed in house at Dreamscience Headquarters to eradicate lateral cylinder liner drift and Pre-mature Head Gasket failure on the 2.3 EcoBoost Engine. This movement is called Head Gasket Fretting and leads to its failure.

The 2.3 Eco boost Engine uses an Engine Block Closely related to HE Duratec Block fitted to the Fiesta ST150 but instead of having a Semi Closed Deck like the 150, the Focus RS 2.3 Ecoboost Engine Block is an open deck design. This means that the cylinders are not attached to the outside of the block structure at the sealing surface of the head gasket. This space is filled with engine coolant. This left the team at Dreamscience intrigued as it was essentially weaker than the older variant fitted to the Fiesta.  As this 2.3 is an open deck, it is extremely susceptible to lateral movement and gasket fretting, this movement is caused by several things, but the main cause is a byproduct of its own natural movement/rotation. A lateral force produced by the internal rotation causes piston thrust, this force pushes on the front facing surface of the cylinder and causes the cylinder to move. This minute movement scrubs or as earlier mentioned causes “fretting”. This means the sealing surface is damaged.

During Studies and testing in 2017 we spent a significant amount of time looking into the inner workings and mechanics of the Latest Focus RS Engine. The team at Dreamscience were presented with an inherent fault; This fault was related to the Head gasket and its imminent failure. During our testing program we identified numerous causes for the Head gasket failure.

Symptoms of Head Gasket Failure.

  • Misfire upon start up for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Traces of Hydrocarbons and combustions gases in the Coolant System.
  • Wet and fouled Spark Plugs.
  • Coolant consumption.
  • Rising Oil level or Emulsification of Engine Oil.

Here are the reasons we believe we see premature Head Gasket failure.

– Unsuitable Head Gasket. It appeared to be the incorrect head gasket at first glances, with incorrect cut outs, insufficient sealing elastomer and bad coolant supply. The First revision of the OEM gaskets were extremely poor. The surface area of the sealing elastomer between cylinders is hugely inadequate. There is also a small Coolant channel between cylinders. This is not required for coolant supply in the RS 2.3 Engine and compromises its ability to hold a strong seal.
Ford have released a new Gasket with more sealing Elastomer and correct coolant supply holes. We are unsure as to how much more Fretting this Gaskets can scope with, but we have recorded a critically reduced rate since the DRS system has been fitted to our Development Car.

– Cylinder Liner Drift, or movement. This movement causes Scrubbing/fretting. This movement has an impact on the Cylinder head surface, Deck/Block surface and the Head Gasket.

The last reason can be caused and affected by many different variables such as Temperature Fluctuations, Engine use and driving style also influences the Lateral movement, but ultimately, we believe the open deck design is at fault. If this remains the same and open the fault will return over time.

Therefore, Dreamscience have invented their own fixing that reduces and all but stops the lateral cylinder movement. The DRS system. This system is a fixing that slots down into the water gallery and connects the cylinder wall to the outside of the block Structure. This fixing has been designed to offer strength and prevent lateral movement. The DRS system can be fitted in one day without the need to skim the block surface. The DRS Is a three-piece fixing that is held together by 2 x M3 S/S Parallel cap head screws. Once in positions the said bolts are torqued to a pre-calculated setting. The fixing expands inside the water gallery and applies equal forces to the Cylinder wall and outside block wall.

DRS Image 1  DRS Image 2  DRS Image 3

Evo magazine. 

As a part of our improved marketing campaign, Dreamscience news, reviews and products can be found regularly in Evo magazine. As we are continuously expanding our vehicle range, we found Evo alongside various other magazines is the best place to advertise new products to target like minded petrol heads. Keep an eye out for independent reviews of the Dreamscience RS and Fiesta MK8 in the new year! Evo magazine feature

New products added this year.

  1. DS Ultima 2 (RS MK3 software)
  2. DS Ultima 2+ (RS MK3 software) Click here to see independent review on this map.
  6. Athena Head Gasket – Focus RS MK3
  7. SuperPro suspension for Mustang, RS, ST & Ranger models
  8. Dreamscience Fiesta ST MK8 Decals
  9. Fiesta ST MK8 Lowering Springs 20mm
  10. Fiesta ST MK8 Spacers
  11. Dreamscience Fiesta ST MK8 – Handling Pack 1
  12. Fiesta ST MK8 Sparco Assetto Black Alloys
  13. Fiesta ST MK8 Front Splitter
  14. Fiesta ST Mk8 Rear Spoiler Lip
  15. Fiesta ST-Line MK8 Lowering Springs 20mm
  16. ST-250 to RS MK III Clutch Kit
  17. Fiesta MK7 ST/Zetec S Panel Filter
  18. Velossa Tech Wing Raisers – MK7 Zetec S
  19. MK7 Zetec S Dreamscience Spacers 12.5mm
  21. Fiesta MK7 Bonnet Raiser Kit
  22. VELOSSA TECH BIG MOUTH – Fiesta Zetec S 1.0 Litre EcoBoost
  23. ST, RS, Mustang & Ranger Floor Mats
  24. BOOSTane Cetane Fleet Diesel Additive
  25. ST225 Custom Engine Build – Supply Only.
  26. Dreamscience gladiator aftermarket components (Ford Ranger)


Fiesta ST MK8 – DS Ultima

Dreamscience have already developed and finished the Stage 1 remaps for the new MK8 Fiesta. In true dreamscience fashion, we will release a Race 99 map and a DS Ultima map. The maps will be added to the Dreamscience iMap and will be available to purchase early 2019.  When uploading the DS Ultima map, you should expect to see an immediate increase of around 23bhp peak power and 57 ftlbs torque. This map comfortably pulls over 35bhp through out the mid range compared to standard. During the development of this vehicle, we found the stock fiesta is already quick in area’s. However once mapped, it falls out of the pretty nippy category into a seriously fast car! The mapping wont stop there either. We have big plans for much more development on this model. 2019 will include the development and releases of stage 2 and stage 3 software.

We have also hit the ground running with hardware for this model. A Dreamscience induction kit has also been created designed and fitted. The results are extremely promising and the kit looks and sounds awesome! This kit will consist of two black 3″ diameter pipes, connected by a Samco silicone hose finished with a DS Dry charge air filter. This currently undergoing final checks and will shortly be available to the public once manufactured.

Focus RS MK3 – DS Ultima 3 & 4

We are at the final stages of releasing the highly anticipated DS Ultima 3. This map has been undergoing development for months and it is now upon us. The bar has risen yet again. Even after all the hype of the DS ultima 2+, This new map is genuinely in a league of its own. On the final dyno run, our RS ran 403bhp and 435 FtLbs torque. This map will be free to any existing iMap customers through the updater tool so try it out for yourself. This map will require hardware such as a down pipe de/race cat; Air filter.

DS Ultima 4 is going to be a map based around the following hardware; Hybrid turbo, bigger boost pipes, full exhaust, intercooler, full intake, engine forging.

Products you should expect to see released in 2019:

  • RS MK3 Down pipe De Cat
  • RS MK3 Down pipe Sports cat (300 cell)
  • RS MK3 Boost pipes
  • RS MK3 overrun features
  • RS MK3 DS Ultima 3 and 4 software.
  • Fiesta ST MK8 Stage 1 and 2 software.
  • Fiesta ST MK8 Down pipe De Cat
  • Fiesta ST MK8 Down pipe Race Cat
  • Fiesta ST MK8 Full exhaust
  • Fiesta ST MK8 Axel back
  • Fiesta ST MK8 Intercooler
  • Fiesta ST MK8 Induction kit
  • Mustang GT S550 Ghost cam tune file.
  • Mustang GT S650 Stage 1 and 2 software.
  • Mustang GT S650 Lowering springs
  • Mustang GT S650 Spacers
  • Mustang GT S650 Intakes
  • Mustang GT S650 X pipes.

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