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STRATAGEM Ultra is a new exciting dreamscience Flash Tuning handset which comes pre-loaded with several generic, high performance and economy tunes (model dependant) - it's DIY and easy to use. Simply plug STRATAGEM Ultra in to your vehicle diagnostic port and select your new Race, performance, or economy program, when returning to stock simply select "return to stock". The race and performance tunes contained in the STRATAGEM units have been carefully created at our research centre using our state of the art rolling road, as well as numerous actual road tests on several of each supported vehicle types to ensure we deliver the maximum performance from your vehicle, while maintaining the highest standard of safety and reliability.

The STRATAGEM Ultra is supplied with a vehicle window sticker in a colour of your choice, plus all the fittings needed to mount the device in car. This truly is the Ultimate tuning handset while being very easy to use.

You choose...

At Dreamscience we believe in giving customers options without having to charge extra for them. This is why our STRATAGEM units come with several varying performance tune files (model dependant), now you have the choice, either a bit more power, maximum power or economy available from your chosen vehicle.

Plug and Go

Simply plug your STRATAGEM Ultra in to your car diagnostic port (OBD2), then download your desired performance tune, unplug your STRATAGEM device, now feel the difference. Alternatively use the window mount and keep your device connected and enjoy some of the on board features like, data logging, live readings of important parameters such as speed, temperatures, boost and more. You can even select speed monitoring and select an alarm bell to sound at 70mph for motorway use to avoid speeding tickets. If you want to find out your 0 to 60 time the Stratagem Ultra offers this facility too plus more....

Click on our current supported STRATAGEM models below for further information:

Statagem Turbo X Upgrade

Upgrade your existing STRATAGEM ST225 handset with the STRATAGEM TURBO X load, specifically designed for an ST225 with Turbo modifications.

Product Details

Stratagem X Upgrade

Upgrade your STRATAGEM ST225 handset to include 7 of the best and latest tunes around.
Now includes the all new Mod X!

Product Details

Stratagem ULTRA ST225

New ST225 Stratagem Ultra, now supplied with 8 tune files, and includes the latest Mod X stage 3 tune.

Product Details

Stratagem Ultra Refresh

This option is for those who have used up both of their 2 lives on the Stratagem Ultra handset and need a full reset. Reset command only works if you have flashed back to stock.

Product Details

DashDaq II Upgrade

NEW - Upgrade your existing DashDaq II datalogger to include the dreamscience Tunes for your Focus ST225, Focus RS MK1 or Fiesta ST150

Product Details

Stratagem Refresh

This option is for those who have used up all or some of their 5 lives on the DSF3000 or STRATAGEM handset and need a full reset.

Product Details

Stratagem Migration

Migrate your existing STRATAGEM to the new ST225 STRATAGEM-DUO with 9 new tune files, or to any other available STRATAGEM tuneset. For Focus ST225, Focus RS, Fiesta ST150, Focus ST170, and Mondeo ST220.

Product Details

Stratagem Upgrade

Upgrade your DSF3000 to the latest STRATAGEM tune set for Focus ST225, Fiesta ST150, Focus ST170 or Focus RS mk1, plus get a 5 life Refresh included.

Product Details

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